Apple’s Most Expensive Gadgets In The World

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation, leading the gadget world. It is one of the costly brand in the world. As we all know every time when Apple releases a new model, people goes crazy for that. Because they makes it look like a diamond, you can’t leave it, once you take it in your hands. So, these are the top most expensive and rich looking models of Apple all over the world. Let’s look at Apple’s most expensive product list.

1)  iPhone 5 Black Diamond — $15 million

It is made up of around 140grms solid gold of 24 carats. It contains around 600  white diamonds and Apple logo is with 53 of these gems. Looking gorgeous, right? It worths $15 million and this is expected for a wonderful Apple model.

2) iPad 2 Gold History Edition — $7.8 million

It is embedded with history. It has lot of costly materials in it like Ammolite, oldest rock and bone of a dinosaur. It also has 53 diamonds. Logo and back panel are made by 2kg 24-carat gold. The color made it look awesome  and perfect.

3) Camael Diamonds iPad — $1.2 million
It is made of 18-carat gold and 300-carat diamonds. Home button is made by using black diamonds. How is that? The best one you can use if you wanna maintain a Apple product.

4) Macbook Air Supreme Platinum Edition — $500,000

It is a massive weight product around 7kgs. Only five units are available around the globe. Platinum is used in it with no gold, daimonds and sapphire.

5) iPod Touch 24ct Gold Supreme Fire Edition

This is the last but not the least one, it is the most expensive iPod in the world. It contains 125 grams of solid 24 carats body and logo contains 125grms 53 diamonds.

These are the most costly models what we have got for you and so many are available in the market. Hope this article helped you to find the great one and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Social Websites, so that they’ll also come to know these things. If you have any queries, please let us know them by your precious comment.

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