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Bhahubali is one of the crazy project of Tollywood and South India. SS Rajamouli and Darling Prabhas are the reason behind the success factor of the film. It is going to release in different regional languages in two parts. That’s why Distributors are ready to take the rights of the movie for a big amount of money than ever. Every day the interest around the film is increasing as each and every point about the film is most exited. Recently, it is revealed that – Bhahubali two parts will cost above 175 crores which is stunned every movie lover.

Everybody thinks that this film going to shake every industry record in Tollywood, it wouldn’t be a suprise.
According to the film circles, first part of the film will release in April 2015.

Cast : Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Tamannaah
Music : MM Keeravani
Director : SS Rajamouli

Baahubali Shooting Video Released After Completion Of One Year

Baahubali making video is on Youtube now. Baahubali movie shooting was started a year ago on July 2013. It has got very good response up to now from the starting of shooting. As the talk is coming this movie is going to come in the theaters in next year April.

Movie team released some Baahubali making videos on the event of birthdays of different stars. Now movie completed its one year of shooting. On this note team of Baahubali are releasing another making video to cheer the fans and movie audience.

Baahubali actress Anushka, actors – Prabhas, Rana, Director – SS Rajamouli confirmed this Baahubali making video news on their official FaceBook pages.

Anushka Posted on Facebook page – “Its been already one year since we started shooting for Baahubali.
Our team is planning a special making video to give you a glimpse of our journey. Have fun guys!”

Director SS Rajamouli says,”We started the journey of Baahubali exactly a year ago. We will release a special making video today evening, to showcase our journey!”

“Our movie has completed one year of shooting. Many obstacles, even more challenges but much satisfaction. A special making video from Baahubali will release soon.”,Prabhas posted on his official page.

Actor Rana said,”A special making video of Baahubali will be out very soon. Are you guys ready? Our epic journey was started a year ago. We are going to release a special Baahubali making video.”
Here is the link for Baahubali making video – http://goo.gl/NHlutN

Let’s say All The Best To Bhahubali Team..

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