Beauty Tips For Pregnant Lady – Skin & Hair Advice And Treatment

Being pregnant is a big deal for ladies to handle properly. It is very essential to have one of our eyes on caring of beauty – skin and hair during pregnancy. In this article I’m going to explain each and every beauty tip to take care your skin and hair while you are pregnant. Okay, now i would like to go with skin caring tips afterwards I will be explaining best hair tips with you. So without any delay let’s dig in for beauty tips for pregnant lady.

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women – Skin Care Tips

Pregnancy is the phase where your hormones dominate your mind. Those hormone changes will definitely affect the skin of pregnant lady. Sudden alterations may occur in your body and that causes some defects for your skin. Lets address some of the tips and avoiding ingredients to get place in safe zone in a mother land.

Cleaning The Body

You need to clean your body from dead cells and oil secrets from glands in your body. You can use a cleanser recommended by best dermatologist. If you have the skin totally dry, use soapless cleanser which has the capability of moisturizing. Washing your skin more than two times make your skin more dry.

Protection From Sun

Everybody say you and your baby need D vitamin from sun to avoid jaundice for your baby. It is correct but too much time under sun can harm your pregnancy. If you want go outside and spend sometime, you need to take care about intensity of sun rays for the best. Pigment cells increase during pregnancy period and that can be multiplied due to sun. So try to use sunscreen when you live under the sun.

Protection From UV Raysskin-hair-care-pregnant

UV rays are not good for both of your healths. UV rays can cause skin discoloration and brown spots on face of mother. Try to use sunscreens and make sure that you spend your time under sun in a limit way. Sunscreen must protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.

Moisturizers Usage

Moisturizes are the best friends for the coming moms who suffer with dry skin. But it is at least of 15 SPF. Try to avoid hot water during your bath. While baby growing in your belly, skin stretches out and it causes itch. This can be avoided by simple and easy massage by cocoa butter.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks & Breakouts are quite common and we cannot even prevent as baby grows up. But we can trim stretch marks by drinking lot of water. Consider your doctor for vitamins and nutrition that would need for your skin.

For Oil Skin and Acne

Pregnant ladies with oily skin would definitely feel some what depressed during this period. Don’t take too much medication for acne if you have. That leads to mental and physical disabilities for unborn child. Use oil free products if you are struggling with oil skin.

Makeup Tips

It is very good if you use less makeup for more better results. Let the world see your natural beauty because god has given you everything unique. Just use the best products to cover circles under the eyes. If you are addicted with lipstick, make sure that it is totally gel and moisturizing.

Disclaimer : Above mentioned tips are just for making you educated regarding to the topic “beauty tips for pregnant lady”. Don’t take this as copy print to follow. Consult your doctor for more details regarding this.

Beauty Tips For Pregnant – Hair Caring

Coming to hair caring during pregnant is not much difficult as like your skin needs more time. Hormones will definitely alter your hair cycle and you get extra hair and that stays on head. That makes your hair longer and thicker. Let’s see something related to hair care…

  • A lot of hair changes occur due to rapid changes in hormones. Silky hair can become curly and vice-versa.
  • No need of changing shampoos, conditioners and gels, but consult your doctor as some medicated shampoos have to be avoided during this journey.
  • Don’t go for huge chemical usage for your hair because changes in your hair will change the results that you might not expect.
  • While you are pregnant your hair will get shine and strength.
  • If your hair is dry then it will become more drier while you are pregnant.
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Everything you do should be declared by your doctor’s opinion. Just I wanted you to let you know some facts and tips about skin mostly. That’s all for this session you can have these tips as footprint and consult your doctor for everything regarding to pregnancy. All the best!

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