Download Clash Of Clans For PC In Windows 8.1/7/8, Play COC On Laptop

Hello guys, Wanna download and play Clash of Clans on laptop/PC? Then go through this tutorial, in this special session I’m gonna show you the best way to free download Clash Of Clans for laptop or Windows 8.1/8 laptop/PC. Clash Of Clans is a strategic genre game which was developed by Supercell game developers by the latest version 6.186.3 on Jul 2,2014.

Clash Clans is a fun, habit-forming and great battle game with epical strategies, the first and best impression it has got from the gaming world is on Smartphones. Usually these sort of combat android apps are available in Android mobiles, but if you are willing to play this game on laptop, then follow these below mentioned simple, well-fixed and fewer steps to download Clash Of Clans for laptop.

Download Clash Of Clans For PC or Laptop Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7

To make it possible to install Clash of Clans game on PC, firstly you have to download BlueStacks in your laptop/PC. This one is for sure and no need to disappoint, this step is just like an ice cube placed in the sunlight, as simple as that. Now check this below link for that.

Download BlueStacks

After finish off download, install BlueStacks by giving dual-click on the set up file. Wait for few minutes to install, after you mop up with the installation of BlueStacks, go for the phenomena of downloading Clash of Clans for laptop.

Clash Of Clans For PC Windows 8/7

Now you have to use your BlueStacks to play Clash of Clans (COC). This is so simplified process and do it like as shown below with images. Watch this video for better understanding of installation procedure of Clash of Clans.

Let’s get start the process of download by stepwise move.

  • Foremost open BlueStacks and move into search bar at the top

download clash of clans laptop

  • Type Clash of clans and click on “Search play for clash of clans”

clash of clans for windows pc

Next you will see the option of installation, select that one and wait for some time, you can get downloaded your precious game. Once you completed with downloading process, you can open the game directly by choosing “Open” option, but what if you close the window and open it once again? You have to know how to open Clash of Clans (COC) in BlueStacks easily.

Clash Of Clans For Windows Phone & How To Open COC

To open this game, there are two fine bullet points, let’s see them.

  • After you open BlueStacks, enter into All Apps

clash of clans for pc

Exactly, there you can see your all installed apps of BlueStacks. Open the game and play with intelligent tactics. Let’s see how your plans work and how the game goes.

Play Clash Of Clans On Windows PC/Laptop

The actual play of this game is something like, make an army of uncivilized people, dragons, wizards of war and some powerful fighters. You can join into a clan of players and take your clan high in the rankings or be yourself as a king of clan to improve your clan. Usually this collection of clan is called village.

The beginning levels will be sweet and easy something like defeating the weak enemies, then onwards your clan has to show some dominant role than the others. The gist of the game is build a troop, train them and begin the war.

Features Of Clash Of Clans (COC) Game

You can’t count these attributes, but ignite yourself towards this game before playing by knowing these things.

  • Over 50 million people are using this app
  • Play with Free of cost
  • Make your Village unbeatable
  • You can join other players to make a powerful clan
  • These clans may fight with ultimate clans
  • You can take points of other players
  • Build Towers, Walls, Bombs, machine gunners to protect your village
  • Battle with King of enemies in the heroic war through the kingdom
  • Live spectating of battle in Wars of Clans
  • Efficient re-arm

There are some new things included in this game, those are in levels 3, 5, 6, 8 named respectively as Jump Spell, P.E.K.K.A, Bomb level, Hidden Tesla.

Clash of Clans is a exceptional game to play in laptop/PC. You can play this game free and can meet and join most of the people who are playing this game. These days all android apps status can be shared online with our friends like Wechat, in this you can share your thoughts and arcade games like Temple Run 2 for laptop and Subway Surfers.

That’s all guys, now you are clear up with download Clash Of Clans for Windows 8.1/8 laptop. This also works on Windows Phone. I hope this article helped you, if you are done well or have any queries and advices, please share with us by just commenting. To know more details about apps for PC, stay connected with us and please share this tutorial with your friends on social networks like Google+ or Facebook, Twitter. Cheers!

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