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Welcome! Are you searching for an opportunity to earn some good money online? Then you are at the correct place. Don’t worry if you are poor in English and Computer Knowledge. I will tell you – ways that can make you able to earn somewhat huge money without perfect English fluency.  So read here a perfect article on earn money online without investment for free. Just remember here you don’t need to invest anything from your pocket.

Just you need to spend your time with an exact internet connection. First you may feel difficulty in this field but once you find the key – you will be the hero in this area. Sometimes you need to struggle more to get less, remember this sentence to achieve high positions. Making money online is easy when completely understand how it works. So first you need to concentrate on learning process in order to get the control of money through internet.

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Note – Must Read: This is for everyone from every corner of the world map. Mainly people from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Sweden, Ireland, Philippines countries search for this “making money online” term. Everyone around the world can use this tutorial for earning purpose online.

Make Money Online Without Investment From Home – For Everyone

Now I’ll be discussing about sites that make you money for free fast. Read each and every line to improve your strength on online skills. First of all I want to talk about a real PTC site I have been using for my 2nd income. So without any time delay, let’s jump into the topic…

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No.1 Website To Earn Money Online Fast Without Investment From Home

This is one of the best and easy ways to earn money online. It will take just 2 minutes to register in clixsense. To get registered (SEE THE ‘NOTE’ BELOW) with this real site – just click here. After signing up into clixsense, come back to this article to know more details and secret earning ways in clixsense. Otherwise first read full matter on clixsense and then go for registration.

Note: Before you Register – please consider below things.

1) You must provide all your details perfectly so that you will not get any issues while withdrawing money.

2) There you will have to enter your PayPal account. Just leave that box blank.

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I’m sure that you cannot earn full time income with this site but you can make good amount of money if you get settled in this site. I was earning around $40-80/month when I started my journey with clixsense. Now it has become 10 times more than my beginning earnings. So first of all you need to have patience to get in.

earn money from clixsense

Different Earning Ways In Clixsense Online

Mostly you find 5 best ways to earn money online in clixsense. Read below written paragraphs to maximize your earnings with clixsense.

i) Surveys:

This tab is for survey lovers. It takes around 10 minutes to complete a survey. Surveys will not be available all the time but once you became a complete member of clixsense, they will invite you for their surveys. Don’t be upset if you do not eligible for some surveys. Try big in number then you will get the trusted key.

ii) Tasks:

In Tasks tab, you will be some simple tasks like find the author name of an article, finding inappropriate images and more with lot of fun. Beginning users may not get the chance for all type of tasks. And tasks availability depends on country too.

iii) Clixgrid:

If you visit the tab “Clixgrid” tab, you will be seeing a picture like in below. You need to click on any small box within the picture. Your click opens a new advertising tab and you need to wait for 10 seconds in that page. If you are lucky in that moment you can get $0.1-10 with that simple click. This totally depends on your luck. General users have the chance of only 30 clicks.

iv) Affiliates:

You can refer your friends to that site to make extra amount of money with clixsense website. Actually it’s very important to let the other persons know real ways to make money online. If you have a blog then it will be very easy for you to refer other internet users who search for making cash online.

Best Way To Earn Money From Internet For Free – Second Legit Method

Now I’ll tell you a website that suitable for people who want to earn quick money online. I’m not sure whether you make huge money or not but it is good for the persons who has less English Knowledge and Technical Computer Knowledge.

Another website I was talking about is Ipanel Online. First Register Click Here or you can go for it after reading my step by step guide to achieve good path in Ipanel.

Money Making Ways In IpanelOnline Survey Site

  • It is free of cost. You can receive your payment by online bank transfer.
  • This can be applicable for students, teenagers, house wives and for retired professionals.
  • Very easy and trusted site for earning money by doing surveys.

Majorly there are three basic ways to earn money by using IpanelOnline website. I’m going to discuss those ways in coming lines. Before that you can have a glance at ways to make money online for free.

First method is “Earn by doing surveys online”. You need to express your views and tell your opinion to earn money here. Never give your answers in a wrong way. They are asking you your opinion to improve their products. Be honest all the time. This will help you to see success soon. They will send you an invitation mail to enter into survey then you need to Login into that site and do that survey correctly.

Coming to the second method, the success key is placed in the “Discussion” tab. By sharing your views and experience you can earn extra money. Otherwise you share anything you want – that can make extra bonus money.

The third method is inviting your friends to IpanelOnline. It is difficult to achieve but if you try hard, you can invite members through Facebook groups, Google+ and from other social sharing networks.

Easiest Way to Make Money Online Form Home – Freelancing Sites To Make Money Online

This is going to be something really professional. There are sites out there that can make you able to earn money by doing simple data entry, web research and more with fun.

This kind of websites allow users to sign up (Register) and build a page with their skills and strengths (like a resume). Clients (Job providers) post their jobs and you need to apply for those jobs with other members already registered in that site. If that Client thinks you are the best suitable for that job then he will give that job to you. This is the exact procedure running in freelancing sites.

You can work as freelancer in two different manners. One is for hourly rate and another is fixed rate. While building your profile page you have to fix your hourly rate, if someone likes your skills and feel okay with your hourly rate then he will hire you for a particular job.

In order to work for hourly rate you need to download a timer software that will be provided by site itself. You firstly need to download that timer and install it in your PC/Laptop. When you get job and doing hourly rate work, you need to start that timer. Timer will upload screenshots of your work continuously to your job provider.

Coming to the fixed rate – Job providers fix the rate for a particular work. If you feel comfortable with that fixed rate then you can apply for that job. Once you got selected then you can ask him to increase your money, that depends on your communication and client.

These are the site I have been talking about – odesk.com and elance.com

Way To Make Money Online – 4th Genuine Method

Now, I’m going to talk about a site which has really unique attributes of giving opportunities. In this site you can earn money by just surfing the internet. That means you need to use this site as search engine. And you will have surveys simple task as well.

The website I’ve been talking about is Swagbucks – Register Here.

This site makes you able to earn money online for free with lot of fun. Just search for everything like you do daily. There you get surveys, daily polls, simple tasks and really great time. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

That’s it guys! Now time has come to end this topic here. Feel free to ask any of your questions and doubts here. I feel very happy to help you as I was suffering a lot like you in the past. And please enter your precious suggestions to improve our content and make the web pure. Let me know if I have missed something precious in my list.

Always be confident. It is not easy for a beginner but when you spend your time on this kind of stuff then you will be understanding the logic and magic behind the scenes of earning. You can have this article as a guide to improve your position on online. All the best! Never lose  your hope.

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    The five ways which you have said are fine but can you suggest me the one which will suit for me. Im a student and wants to make money from the online services. Thanks in advance for your response.

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      Hi Varun,
      So, said you’re a student, right? You may not have much time to spend on this money making through programs of online. I suggest you to go with clixgrid which will be easy for you or surveys. Tasks will take time, if you wish you are free to move with them, thanks.

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    Nice, just now i’ve sign up into clixsense. I’ve been hearing about this and let’s see how it’s going to help me.

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