Showbox App Download [Fixed] ShowBox “Video Not Available”, Working Now

Hello friends, I’ve written various tutorials related to downloading Showbox app on different platforms like laptop, Android and on iPad and iPhone. These posts helped users to install Show box on their device. You can make Showbox apk download for Android devices and if you’ve any Apple device, get Show Box app download for iOS devices. Recently, this Showbox has got a new update and it’s irritating every user of this movies application.

Showbox is running again!! But with an error, solve Showbox Captcha or log in error. If it works well, then simply download Showbox apk file and update the app. If you’ve other issues, then see the below tutorial.

showbox working again

Meanwhile Try Alternatives: There are other apps like Showbox are Cartoon HD and Movie Box to Watch Free TV Shows and Movies. Highly Recommended PlayBox HD

There are some Showbox alternative apps which are working well on these devices, you can also get them. Before this update was released, the older versions of Showbox were performing well and it has provided good entertaining stuff. The main intention of this session is, to give you a solution to come across this Showbox not working (unfortunately showbox has stopped) or Showbox Video not available now issue.

This tutorial will assist you to solve Video not available, try another server problem/error on both Android as well as PC. There are some good and flawlessly working Showbox app alternatives are available for your device, you can also get them.

We have got a message from Showbox developers. No worries! It will come back for sure. We’ll surely let you know when it’s up and running. Try the alternative apps on this website.
showbox video not availableNo one wants to lose anything which gives the entertainment, Show Box is surely belongs to that category. We don’t wanna lose it anyway. That’s why I’m gonna show you a way to fix this issue. Showbox download for PC is also possible, so here I’ve also explained how to resolve this error on PC. With lots of movies and the shows in Showbox, nobody wishes to give it away. It has got fantastic interface for users (UI) and you can’t find an films app better than this. I’m suggesting the people to follow this simple tutorial and get your showbox problem fixed on your PC and Android.

Showbox Not Working/Has Stopped Problem Can Be Solved

This guide works only for the users of Android and Windows PC, since Showbox is performing good only in these platforms. So, this is the note what I would like to tell you.

And now I’ll give you a brief idea on what we’re going to do in this post in order to solve this. I’m not recommending you to to install the updated or latest version of Showbox, since it has got nothing. So, I’m gonna show how to uninstall the updated one and install any of the older versions of the application.

We are talking to developers of ShowBox app. They say servers are crashed, please leave comments below with your problem and let them know how many of movie lovers are facing problems. Share this article on twitter with #showbox and let the other people know this issue. We are here to help you always. We will let you know when it is available. Keep visit this website for more details. Let us fight for ShowBox!!!

Meanwhile Try Alternatives: There are other apps like Showbox are Cartoon HD and Movie Box to Watch Free TV Shows and Movies. Highly Recommended PlayBox HD

Here I’m gonna deal with the two channels, that’s why I’ll discuss them one by one. Looks like Show Box app has been installed equally in both laptops and Android phones. Foremost, I will talk about re-installing it perfectly on laptop.

Fix Show Box App Update Problem On Your Computer

So many people have tried to re-install the app in PC, but what they’ve done is just opening the apk file again with Bluestacks. This is not called re-installing. I think you may be knowing about Bluestacks, hope I no need to explain it again. They think that they’ve uninstalled it successfully and installed the other version, this is not correct.

Actually there is a simple step-by-step procedure to re install it. Below I’ve mentioned, you just follow it exactly and get away with this issue.

  • Firstly, from the upcoming link, download the working showbox apk version.
  • Keep this apk on your desktop or in any other folder.
  • Now open your BlueStacks software and do as I say.
  • Click on the Time which you can see at the right bottom side of the window and again tap on time.

solve showbox has stopped

  • Move to Settings >> Manage Applications.

bluestacks settings

manage bluestacks apps

  • There you can observe all installed apps in your Bluestacks.
  • Check where showbox is and click on Delete. Then you’ll get a pop-up, just click Continue.

uninstall showbox

continue uninstallation

  • Now tap Done on the window. That’s it, now showbox will be uninstalled or removed completely from Bluestacks as well as from PC.

Now you need to install the app, follow these steps cited below.

  • Go to the folder where you saved that file which was fetched from above link.
  • Now, open that apk with the Bluestacks Apk Handler.
  • That must be it. You’ll see a notification that Showbox has been installed.
  • The above given app must work for you folks. Now enjoy with that app.
  • If you get any errors, clear the app cache in settings and try again.
  • One more thing, don’t try to update the app since it may spoil your time again.

Fix Video Not Available now Problem on Android

Android users may be knowing this way but to be at the secure side, I’m advising you to come upon this.

  • Download show box app apk from previously/above mentioned link.
  • Execute that downloaded apk file and you’ll be completed with it.
  • Then update the app, if it asks you to do that.
  • If you face any errors in this, clear cache of Showbox and open it once again.

Kindly notice that the updated version is showing, Video not available try another server error. Currently Showbox servers are down. They will fix it very soon, till then keep visiting this blog and bookmark it for more updates on this issue. Don’t worry, this problem won’t take much time to get resolved. We’re talking to Showbox developers.

Don’t try to get the updated one, since you may face the problem. I’ll notify you when any new version is running well. Until then, have fun with this one. It also got the same content but not the newest. But don’t worry, you’ll get the permanent fix for this problem very soon.

This is what I thought to deliver, hope you guys make most of it. If you have any kind of queries or the advices considering this topic, please let me know them by a comment. I’ll try my best to assist you. If you feel this tutorial is assistive, share this on the Social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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