Foods That Cause Acne & Pimples – Must Consider Diet

Hello there! It’s time to chill out with acne. I know, it feels really embarrassing when we deal with acne/pimples. As stats explain, monthly more than 10million users of internet search on Google only about acne. Now, you can guess how many of us hate acne and acne scares. We can’t even give stills to photos if we struggle with it. So, In this article I’ve got you something cool to discuss about acne foods and diet plan.

Some of the doctors and dermatologists say, “there is no inter connection between acne and foods” but many people around the world are agreed with facts that some sort foods do have the relation with acne growth. Case studies and personal experience tell us that oil foods and fat rich diet effect the growth of acne on face. Let’s dig in for the complete list of foods.

Must Know Things Before you continue (Acne Causes Revealed)what causes acne (Complete List)

Foods That Causes Acne Most – Main Trigger List

As I was mentioned earlier, foods do have the direct relation with acne. To prevent and reduce acne, we must know the foods and diet plan. Otherwise acne dances on your face without your permission. So, without any delay read the complete list of foods one-by-one.

In my point of view, It’s really important for us to have our eyes open when it comes to eating food. Because we don’t know how our body reacts for different kind of foods. You are here as you have acne related issue which is killing your confidence. My simple and sweet advice is – You must care about what you eat, you need to know what to avoid “to avoid” acne and come out of the box and make yourself educated on this topic.

Observe your body conditions on how it is receiving certain type of foods. If you feel like your acne getting worse when you eat some kind of foods then just leave them at the place where the sun cannot be entered.

Diet or Dietary That Can Trigger Acne


Many of us definitely love eating of chocolates more often. But it is mandatory for us to have a look on side effects of chocolates on beauty of skin. It is proven that the addiction of chocolates can worsen the acne you already suffering with.

acne causes chocolates

Spicy Food Items:

Spicy foods are good when it comes to taste and having fun outside. But it will definitely let you go in a room with full of uncomfortable situations. I mean to say, it increases the growth of pimples/acne.

Fat Rich Food Items:

Fats always have it’s gateway towards acne. As I said earlier in this article, some of the docs don’t believe in the relation of foods with acne but it does have it’s effects on acne. The most part is based on fat rich foods and diet plan. Fat foods not only worsen the acne but it can lead to huge damage to your heart.

triggering fat rich foodLicorice:

It is one of the main triggering foods of acne. It is responsible for gathering the testosterone and worsens the acne most.


Parents of teen kids mostly say gluten has its relation with acne. “When my kid was having problems with acne, I recommended to delete gluten from his diet and that worked for him” said Mr.Brad.

Fat Fries:

Fat fries definitely get its position in the list of top acne triggering foods on the earth. Make sure that you put maximum effort to avoid this kind of stuff from your diet.

  • Cheese, milk and ice cream like dairy foods.
  • Chips, fast foods and pizzas like oily foods.

Best Foods To Reduce Acne

We listed out main foods that cause acne and breakouts, now we will see the good side of foods. What I mean to say is – gather the information on foods that help you to reduce acne/breakouts.


Fishes are very rich of fatty acids. Fatty acids help us to reduce the clogging of pores. That makes sense that it is very helpful in reducing the acne.


Some people are suffering with acne because of deficiency in minerals like zinc. Most of the nuts are best source for most essential minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and copper, which are good for healthy and fresh skin.


Grapes have good and healthy relationship with skin. Seeds of Grapes are good source for antioxidants which are very powerful to cure skin related issues.

best foods for acne treatmentBrown Rice:

Brown Rice is full of Vitamin B and that would really helpful to fight against the stress in our body. So this can help to reduce the stress levels and minimize the acne and breakouts.

That’s all for now guys. We have seen most wanted food items related to acne. Make your diet plan according to this list and you will see good results soon. Share with us if forgot to mention something. We would love your contribution and participation. So above mentioned list is full of foods that cause acne. I hope you found it helpful. All the best!

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