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What ever the position you acquired in your life, it is very difficult to impress your partner. You can approach by so many ways to have strong bond with your life partner. But, in this article I’m going to tell you the best and most important things women always love to hear from their boyfriend or husband. Everybody knows that women love compliments and sweet nothings. They want more, if they get more. What we need to tell her, to impress her is just tell her everything she already knows. Yes! Sounds like crazy but it works. Okay, now let’s see what she already knows and what to tell…

‘You Look Beautiful!’

We can say there are few things women can’t live without – they would probably be – a lot food to eat, get ready for party stuff and compliments from beloved persons. So, don’t feel bad to wooing her with a list of compliments. The more you compliment, The more you get in return. Say all she feels happy to hear – like her looks, her attitude, her figure, professionalism and caring towards your family.

Note: Do not praise her dress than her, you will be dead 🙂

‘You Express Better Than Me’

This is for your romantic lives. Express to impress. Tell her she is good at her looks and she can express anything better than you. You can say about hugs and kisses that I’m not gonna talk about. These words make her so please and she can explore her feelings towards you.

‘You Are A Good Mother As My Mother’

Most of the women are too busy with house work and office work. Sometimes she gets irritate by this stuff. These words give her boost and take her to the sky. So, become a kid and tell her that ‘ You are a good mother’.

Note: This is only for married men

‘I Will Be With You Till The World Ends’

She becomes mega sensitive with these words. With this you can play a melody song in her heart. You will become a real hero in her soul. Try to tell her how incomplete you life would be without her presence. Don’t be surprised if she gives a kiss after this conversation as it happen to me.

‘ What Do You Say About This….?’

She cares about her feelings and thoughts, so try to ask for her opinion. This makes her that you are caring for her views. So, let her speak and give her opinion. Actually, they are better to take a decision than men but men don’t accept it.

‘You Are My Dearest One In This World’

Tell her that she is your best friend and best critic. Better to tell her luck favors you whenever you be with her. Say that your colorful is because of her presence. Thank her for being the right person in your life.

‘I Love You’

Three magical words would create sensations in her heart. Say these magical words in every possible way – they give more preference to these words. Right place and right time is must to express these words.

Life is like a mirror-whatever you express you will get back the reflections.

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