Salman Khan’s Kick movie has collected 200crores at box office. He did so many entertaining films previously, but they didn’t reach 200crores. With this Salman Khan’s Kick movie collections record he enters into 200crore club for the first time in India.It is the most awaited film in 2014. There were so many expectations on this [...]

telephone interview tips

Getting a job in telephonic interview is a much easier task if you follow some strict and well workable tips that we discussed in this article. Due to rapid development of technology and industries, these days mobiles are not only using for making calls but also to crack phone interviews from home. Yes, to get [...]

Bhahubali is one of the crazy project of Tollywood and South India. SS Rajamouli and Darling Prabhas are the reason behind the success factor of the film. It is going to release in different regional languages in two parts. That’s why Distributors are ready to take the rights of the movie for a big amount [...]

bollywood top movies 2014

We know that, every year Bollywood industry releases too many films to entertain people. Likewise, this year also Bollywood industry released bulk number of movies. Here in this article we are going to list out Bollywood top 10 movies of the year 2014. Within these, few of them crossing 100crores and many movies crossed 50crores, [...]

After winning the toss, Warne elected to bat first. At the one stage of the game ROW were at critical condition by losing 5 wickets with score below hundred. Then, Yuvraj took the responsibility on his shoulders and made a precious century that made his team cross 290 above score. Another very interesting thing happened [...]

The most popular company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) recruits so many candidates every year. TCS is known as the most jobs recruiting company. And now TCS has declared that it is going to hire about 55,000 posts in this 2014. Let’s see what is the matter behind this great news for the job seekers. In [...]

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation, leading the gadget world. It is one of the costly brand in the world. As we all know every time when Apple releases a new model, people goes crazy for that. Because they makes it look like a diamond, you can’t leave it, once you take it in [...]

impress wife girlfriend with words

What ever the position you acquired in your life, it is very difficult to impress your partner. You can approach by so many ways to have strong bond with your life partner. But, in this article I’m going to tell you the best and most important things women always love to hear from their boyfriend [...]

things women should avoid to be loved by husband

Marriage life plays a big role in humans life. Actually it’s the main part everyone thinks about. Most of the husbands hate some kind of women types. We are going to see what are those types. So here is the list of the things a women must avoid for happy marriage life. ‘Taking Control’ Type: [...]

questions women should not ask men

Every gender has it’s own boundaries and wish list. Male has one of it. So, when woman trying ask some things to men, There are some restrictions to ask certain things. We list out those and presenting for you here. Just like women, men have their own list as to what women should avoid to [...]

qualities men must have for women

To be a right person for a woman, Man requires to have some special qualities other than tall and handsome. With these qualities you can make a strong bond with your partner. Let’s look at some of those… Best Qualities Men Should Concentrate Being Responsible Women always want perfect guys in their lives. You should [...]

things never share with boyfriend

Keeping your personals yourself is much important to build a strong relationship in love. You can think, sharing personals are not going to create space between you, but in some cases it may draw a perpendicular line to your bond. So, in order to draw parallel lines to love bond you have to preserve some [...]

The one and only Bollywood body builder Salman Khan has created a job portal named Being Human Workshop for his fans. Actually we call him bad boy in industry, beyond screens he is very helpful to others. He established”Being Human” organization to help poor people, till now he helped to too many people professionally and [...]

best ways to choose life partner

Choosing the right life partner is essential for everyone because everything you do in your life is to live a happy life with your loved ones. Your life partner is one of the most loved ones. So, you have to choose your right life partner in order to live a happy life. Thus, here are [...]

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world is going to make an adventure in the smartphone world in which the model they are going to make is targeted on the user convenience and experience. Amazon Fire Phone specifications and features: 1. 4.7-inch 720p display, Fire OS 3.5, quad-core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, [...]

A court in Andhra Pradesh issued an arrest warrant against Indian cricket team skipper M.S. Dhoni for reportedly hurting the Hindus devout sentiments. In Andhra Pradesh, Anantapur local court claimed the arrest warrant as Dhoni did not appear in the court regardless of three summons sent in the past. It sent the orders to police [...]

Smartphones have become most popular invention of human. Actually, now-a-days we are not able to lead our lives without a Smartphone, everything has to be imagined with this only. But, people have been suffering with battery life like having less span of battery. There is a lot of research going on battery life a smartphone. [...]

make your partner feel special

Making your life partner feel special everyday is not that difficult for a man. Men are born to be awesome. There are simple things can make feel her so special of you. Here’s how you can let your woman feel very special. Let’s go… Simple Ways To Make Your Partner Special After you choose your [...]


Recently, On the occasion of Superstar Krishna Birthday Agadu film first teaser was released. It has got huge response and fans say, ” this is going to be the biggest hit of Tollywood ever”. But coming to the point, Mahesh was like a missile in that trailor and he aimed several heroes in that teaser [...]

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