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Recently, On the occasion of Superstar Krishna Birthday Agadu film first teaser was released. It has got huge response and fans say, ” this is going to be the biggest hit of Tollywood ever”. But coming to the point, Mahesh was like a missile in that trailor and he aimed several heroes in that teaser with his punch dialogues.

Punch Dialogues In Agadu

“Prativodu pululu simhalu enugulu elukalatho edhava comparisonlu, elaparamochettandi” dailogue goes on like this. Everybody thinks that,” this punch dailogue is for Balakrishna, pawan kalyan and for Jr.Ntr”.

What Pawan Commented On AgaduPawan+ Kalayan+On+Agadu+Movie

This is the news, now trending in tollywood industry circles. One of the Person very close to Pawan asked him about Mahesh’s Punch dialogues. And Pawan replied with a smile, ” Every hero has fan following, Everything they do is for their fans. They do what director says, including me. There is nothing absolutely wrong with Mahesh’s dialogues “, close person of Pawan said to his friends.

Actually there will be comments on everybody in every field but here in this situation, we can’t decide what the truth is. Normally heroes do whatever directors say but, why this news is going too viral, that has to be answered by the fans. After watching the film, you’ll decide whether it is intentional or not.

We have to wait and see whether other heroes give reply to mahesh or not…Recently some of the dialogues from Gabbar singh-2 are leaked from Sampath Nandi’s script.

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