Questions Women Should Not Ask Men

Every gender has it’s own boundaries and wish list. Male has one of it. So, when woman trying ask some things to men, There are some restrictions to ask certain things. We list out those and presenting for you here.

Just like women, men have their own list as to what women should avoid to ask them. Let’s look at some…

About Ex-girlfriend

It’s better to avoid asking this thing for long relationships. If woman ask about this, Men don’t feel comfortable to answer this. Who would you give more rating in beauty if you have a chance to rate me and your ex-girlfriend and why? Still are you in touch with her? Try to avoid these kind of stuff as women like long last relationships.

About Food

You are eating so much food, but why? How can a men answer this ?  If you eat like this you will become a big rock with full of fat, don’t you understand? Man also like to eat as women do. So, woman should not ask men about food as women like to eat more.

About Handsomeness

Why are you not looking fair as me? Do you think this shirt really suits you? And about pimples, spots and hair style. Try to love his inner beauty. You will have a strong bond with him for your entire life.

About Height and Fat

Why are you short?  Why are you so fat? I’m sure, they will definitely dump you if you ask this question. Never blame him for his height or Weight. Woman should not ask this, if you want a long life with him.

About Honesty

Be honest: 1) Am I looking good in this dress? 2) Do I look fat? 3) Do you think having spots will spoil our romantic time? 4) Who is good- Youe ex or me? Trust me, They will definitely give an honest opinion that will hurt you. So, try to avoid to ask these kind of half-minded questions.

About Salary

Why can’t you earn much more? That’s all you can earn? Do you think you are good at profession? God please! How can you ask these questions? Try to be a good woman and be loved by your partner.

Try not ask above mentioned questions to men. We hope this article will help you to acquire a best position in your personal life.

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