Showbox Captcha and VK Login Issue [Solve] In New Update

Showbox, it is a great channel to watch the all new films and shows. From one week, it was unable to play any movies in it. Just shown the error, Showbox Video not available try another server. Now, later making some modifications and fixing some issues in the app, users are keep getting the Showbox Captcha problem and even if they try it for more number of times, they are not able to get it. This is happened after some time, later releasing the update. In this simple guide, I’ll show you the way to skip or solve this issue on Android or on PC.

To fix the previous error, developers have taken the app into maintenance and have been making the changes to this app. Today (28 July 2015), the app has been updated and that version has worked well for approximately one hour. When you click on a movie, it asked to enter the Show Box captcha and log in to VK website, which is a server hosting site for this Showbox. Hence, here is the fix for Show box VK log in and captcha.

showbox captchaShowbox Captcha Fix, Show Box VK Log in Error In New Update

As the Android screen is smaller than the PC, users are finding it very difficult to enter that code. Even if they’re entering it correctly, it’s leaving an error message and still Showbox asking for Captcha. At least the window is not stopping, for the users those want to register in the website. So, here is the solution to skip this error on your Android or PC.

vk sign up

I’ve tried a few methods to get it resolved, here are they.

  • Later installing it, just go to this VK site.
  • Now, register an account in that.
  • Provide your name, then your country and mobile number.
  • This phone number is required to get the code and too log in to showbox.
  • Then enter the code which you’ll receive to your mobile.
  • After that, enter a password.

Now come back to the Showbox and open it. Enter the details that you used for signing up into VK. If you can’t fix using this method, then try to enter the Captcha directly, instead of logging in.

If any of the above don’t work, then we have no other ways. But in the older versions, some movies are available now to watch. Previously they were saying Video unavailable, but now some are playing. If you wish, you can try the previous versions, it may work.

You can get the Showbox app alternatives also, till this app fixed. We can expect the fix for this one also very soon, like they made it to the older one. Please be patient folks, it’ll be back. We’re here to give you the all info regarding it.

We’ll get the information from developers very frequently and will surely let you know about the updates. Visit this post frequently to find the new info. If you get any news, then share them in the comments.

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  • HelpfulAustralian Jul 29, 2015, 2:11 pm

    This article was very helpful seeing as for whatever reason I could only see a portion of the ‘login’ window.

    I followed this instructions here, created an account on VK (which took literally minutes), re-opened showbox and, since I could only see the CAPTCHA part of the entire login window, I used the image of the entire login window as a template, selected the field in which you would enter the CAPTCHA code and pressed SHIFT+TAB twice, entered my email account associated with VK and my VK password then the correct CAPTCHA code and then magic!

    I hope this helps anyone having difficulties.


    Just a helpful Australian.

    • Julian May 2, 2016, 10:36 am

      Cheers Aussie dude. Did as you described, joined VK, “Shift+Tab” back twice from the capture on BS, entered VK email, password, then capture and Bob’s yer Uncle.
      Cheers. 🙂

  • Sure Jul 30, 2015, 4:06 am


    I really really didn’t think that it would work….

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