TCS Will Hire About 55,000 Jobs In 2014

The most popular company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) recruits so many candidates every year. TCS is known as the most jobs recruiting company. And now TCS has declared that it is going to hire about 55,000 posts in this 2014. Let’s see what is the matter behind this great news for the job seekers.

In these 55,000 posts, they have already sent 25,000 offer letters to the candidates and 72% of the offer letters are accepted. Remaining 28% percentage of candidates are not interested in this.

TCS executive vice-president said that the maximum hires are taking place in main cities of India.Many offices of TCS are in the rich cities of India and also having offices in other countries.

TCS firm told that the recruitment through the social media networks is helping them to hire in a direct manner and they are using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook to hire the candidates. This type of hiring really going to change the process of recruiting and it gives more chance to talented people.

He said that in these days, the process of hiring is changed entirely. Company will have a website, there the interested persons can come and register their details. They will have a written exam through online and after that interview and other things. In the colleges also we have established this kind of recruitment process.

So, for those who are searching for a job, make use of this opportunity and get a job. So many people say that getting job in TCS is easy but don’t believe these words because you have to work hard for that. Rumors are coming that these jobs are gonna increase in number i.e., more than 55,000. If this happens, so many will be happy. Let us hope for this.

You should have good communications and technical skills. Moreover you should be well prepared with your resume and also know how to write a cover letter and how long should a cover letter be. Be prepared with all these things, for that and reach your destination.

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  • elakiya

    How to register for tcs 55,000 job vacancies

    • Vamsi Krishna

      You can apply for the job whenever they release a notification on recruitment. Just stay connected and be up to date about the notifications.

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