Watch Showbox App Movies On TV Using Chromecast Device

Hi guys, after writing some useful guides on the Showbox app, now I’m coming up with another one which is the most wanted tutorial for the people who uses Show Box. Actually one of our blog readers have asked us to provide the post on how to stream Showbox to your TV via the Chromecast. I have tried the way which is explained here and it’s working absolutely. Show box can be used in so many platforms like Android, PC and iOS but, users are not getting satisfied with these devices. This disappointment is due to the small screen size of those devices. People love watching shows or films on the big screen like TV, so that’s why we’re here.

You know, Show Box is an free Android application which gives you the entertainment through its unlimited and updated movies and also the programs. Words won’t be enough to describe this app’s functionality. This will stream the videos on any of your devices like Smartphone or laptop. This is being used by great extent of people in the world. It attracts the people with its superb interfacing options and the display. This contains a lot of attributes inside it but still, some users are facing issues with this app. They can be cleared by trying once again or re-installing it. So, below are the particulars that I’ve gathered for you to get Showbox on Chromecast.

download showbox for chromecast

Download Showbox For Chromecast

In this modern era, people are getting indulged with the activities like spectating the sports, pictures and playing games either in online or in real life. If you can observe, most of the things goes on with the technology only. You can not expect anything to happen without this technology. This includes so many tech devices like Smartphones, PCs and the iOS platforms.

You can notice these sort of devices in each and every developed place. Right from the very small-scale companies to large-scale industries, you’ll come across these things. With all these things, you’ll be able to perform anything with so much ease. I’, saying more about tech because, in this tutorial also we’re gonna familiarize with the improved technology i.e., downloading Showbox for Google Chromecast.

I believe that you would be knowing about the chromecast as well as the application. Of course, it’s not mandatory that you must have known it. If you don’t have an idea regarding these two, then no worries. I’ll provide a short info about them. At the beginning of the post, I’ve mentioned a few points about Show Box application. I’m mainly concentrating on Chromecast here.

Chromecast is a smart tech device which is established by the giants of search engines, Google. With this device, you can actually get the data of your mobile into the Television. Data may be images, audio and other media files. Browse the apps and files of your phone right in the big screen.

showbox app films to chromecast

This one looks like an USB device that you actually use to carry your data. It has to be connected with WiFi in order to access apps on your Smartphone. Chromecast needs to be inserted in USB port of TV and make sure you connect this to your application of mobile. Once you wind up these three things, you can control everything on TV and enjoy your time with Showbox on your TV with your allies.

As this application Showbox is having such an amazing features, users are very eagerly waiting for it to use on the Chromecast. The process to get Show box to Chromecast will be easy but, you need to be prepared for paying some bucks for it. It doesn’t cost much but, a little price. Like the betterment in technology, you need to be get updated. So, here we go into our tutorial for downloading Show box for Chromecast.

Before proceeding further, you must download the below listed apps and get the device.

1) Show Box Application

Of course, this is the most wanted one before heading towards the main part. This contains all the movies content in it. This app has been used in so many devices but, mostly in the Android devices. So, foremost download app to your mobile and then we’ll proceed. Here is a simple and short tutorial for getting Showbox app on Android mobile.

2) AllCast Premium

This is an app which permits you to stream the Show Box films on the giant screen so easily. You can’t download it for free, as I said, you need to pay money for it. It’s approximately $5.1 and it’s a premium app and you can use it for long time once you buy it. As this is a must, follow this upcoming link to download AllCast Premium app.

3) Cromecast

Now, here is the main thing. It costs you$35 and more than what AllCast Premium will cost you. This is also one time buying one, no need to pay for it again. Here you can get Chromecast device.

use show box on television

This is the stuff that you must hold with you. Once again check everything what I’ve cited above. The two applications and the Google Chromecast are must and should. Now, straight away dig into the process.

Enjoy Show Box Films On TV Through Chromecast

The phenomena has been explained in a step-wise way. So, no need to confuse, just do read every bullet point and do as it is.

  • Foremost, Chromecast must be connected to the WiFi connection that you have.
  • Then put it into the port of USB that your TV have.
  • Connect both the Android as well as Chromecast device perfectly.
  • Later this, run the Show box app in the phone.
  • By performing above step, you would find all the movies and programs in it clearly.
  • Select any of your best-loved film or show from that bunch to view it on the TV with Chromecast.
  • After you opt that, chose quality of the picture which you wanna see.
  • Now you’ll be taken to a window asking “Complete Action Using“. There you’ll have MX Player which is a default one for any Android and Video player. Along these things you’ll also see AllCast Premium.
  • Complete that action using AllCast Premium application and go on with Living Room.
  • Afterwards, it takes sometime (depends on your WiFi speed) and you’ll directly see the motion pictures on your Television.
  • That’s it, now you’ve completed with this.

As the streaming of your videos depends on your Internet speed, you need to be sure about the quality of the video that you select. If you think, it’s fast enough, you can chose high quality otherwise go for the remaining two options.

This is the gentle guide which makes you utilize the Showbox on the device Chromecast. I’ve belief in you that you’ll perform these steps without any issues. I think you may be bit surprised when you see the Show box app on Chromecast. That’s the technology that we have these days. Everything is possible at your finger tips. This is a simple one like taking candy from a baby, haha!

showbox featured shows

If you visit the Google Chromecast official website that I’ve mentioned above, you can read and know all the interesting facts regarding the astonishing device. This tech instrument avail for every platform like laptop of Mac/Windows, tablets and Smartphones. It’ll be keep giving the new updates and you’ll be get benefited.

It supports lots of famous movie apps along with Showbox like WatchESPN & Pandora, Netflix, EPIX, Showtime Anytime, Google Play Music & TV, Eros Now and lot more. These are also the apps similar to Show Box but, interface may be different. Purpose is same for every app to enjoy sports, picture and many. Everything can be reflected from laptop/smartphone to the TV like Internet surfing etc.

At the time you select the AllCast Premium app to run the video, you’ll shown a pop up asking you to chose the room that you want to see that. Don’t think much about this, just go with Living room, which you can clearly observe there. As soon as you finish this, you’ll be observing the stream of your preferred show or the picture.

The navigation will be same in TV also like you see in your Smartphone but, the screen may be large. That’s a responsive interface which suits any device perfectly. This performs very well with Chromecast on TV, people love using app in this way since the environment becomes like a theater. For that, all you must have is a speedy WiFi connection.

Chromecast can be used to play all the other apps that I’ve listed before. It’s useful not only for this purpose, there are lot of uses with it. You’ll experience all those things, once you start using it. It deserves the price for it and functions more than what you’ve paid.

Lineaments of Showbox

  • Most desired i.e., better interface than other applications
  • Choosing the caliber (quality) of the video is your wish
  • Media players can be changed according to the situation, use anyone which is already installed on your Smartphone
  • Supplies huge amount of joy on any device and also on TVs
  • Downloading any of the media is also up to you
  • Updates of the app as well as the subject in it
  • Exclusive “Search” option avail to browse anything with comfort
  • Various navigation tabs for different fields of videos like “Movies”, “Shows” and “Library”
  • Your recently opened things can be accessed quickly with Library
  • No irritating adverts in it and ad free entertainment
  • All kinda genres are available like Horror, Thriller, Comic or Action & Adventurous
  • Watch anything you wish to and no technical knowledge is needed in order to utilize the application
  • Video sharing choice is available for providing it to others

This is the end of our article on Showbox download for Chromecast. Hope you guys have made it by not making any mistakes. There’s nothing, just getting the three things as mentioned and following those few steps, that’s all. If you feel that this tutorial has assisted you, then kindly do share this utile post with your colleagues, family and also in your circles of friends and public on the famous Social networking websites.

If you face any trouble at any spot of this entire process or to get a advice for your problem and giving more thoughts and suggestions for this guide, please use the comment section and throw a comment. I’ll put my efforts to solve your issue or some other user may give the better solution than me.

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    I’ve been using showbiz thru my Samsung s3 for quite sometime now and love it. The issue that I’m having is when you can pick high, medium or low quality if I pick high quality the show is constintly freezing. Would love some feedback…thanks

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    if anyone wants to sream movies from there phone add allcast on your phone and stream it this way i have no trouble

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    Can I use my phone like I normally do with chromecast when I use it with showbox? For Example play the movie on TV while im on facebook on my phone?

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