What Causes Acne/Pimples – Sources & Reasons Of Acne

Based on the online researches, frustrated teenagers go through themselves to explain how people feel bad about acne and pimples. Oh my god having acne is the really worst thing to manage in your life. We cannot even face our friends in female gender. We eliminate photos, classes, chatting with friends, relatives or friends’ functions only because of acne. To reduce your acne with best tips, here we are coming with a definite guide for causes and reasons behind acne/pimples.

Don’t worry if you know what are the roots that cause acne then you can kill those roots and you can prevent acne easily. So without wasting your time, let’s dig in to know what are the reasons behind acne to get rid of acne from your life.

Sources & Causes For Acne & Pimples

We have gone through a lot of research to recognize the sources/roots of acne. Actually our personal experience played a key role to publish this article for the people who search for acne. Read our full list to educate yourself about acne/pimples…

1) Thoughts About Having Fun With Someone On Bed

Do i get pimples if i imagine someone with me having fun? If you ask this question to me, I would definitely say – “YES”. Frankly speaking, when you feel/imagine someone with you, your body hormones (mostly testosterone) get exited more than other times. That will definitely cause problems of getting more pimples. Lol! My personal experience clearly explained this to me. But i couldn’t resist me to go with famous actresses. What to do to avoid this? Nothing to hide here, you should avoid this kind of thoughts to avoid pimples.


2) Having A Girlfriend/Boyfriend

The main problem comes here with getting excitement of hormones. We clearly understand it when we get pimples suddenly. But if we have a partner in our life, we will definitely think about her/him quite often. This can probably show some effect on getting pimples.

3) Sleepless Nights

If you don’t get enough sleep, that hugely matters for getting pimples. We sometimes see films for late nights, have chat with friends for long times, do work up to 3:00 PM. This will cause the problem of having pimples, dark circles under eyes and increasing dead cells. So whatever happens, we have to be healthy and fit, so have sleep tightly to avoid all these problems.

4) Pollution And Dust

Now-a-days pollution became really a danger/caution element for our health related issues. It is increasing the probability of having health problems and decreasing life span of humans. When it comes to the air pollution, with huge number of factories which release dust and ash, our facial pores get filled with dust and that stops the flow of sweat and increase the pimples on face.


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5) Dead Cells

Daily so many internal reactions occur in our body. Cells work for us continuously. Cells and tissues are killed when their life span finishes. So these dead cells can enter into the pores and covers the hair follicles on the face. As i said earlier, this can cause pimples.

6) Popping Pimples

Never ever do this. If you pop other pimples on your face, that will improve the chances of getting more. Sebum (White substance ) from popped pimples will spread on the face and increases the bacteria strength.

7) Foods

Some people say food items have their own impact on causing acne. But some say, food doesn’t affect acne/pimples. But in my point of view, both of them are correct because we don’t know how our body reacts for different food items. Read this articles to know foods that causes acne.

8) Age Factor

Teens more often get frustrated by this acne than adults. teenagers get more pimples as their testosterone and androgens are more active than others while they are 13-20.


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9) Mental Stress

Students while exams get more worsened by acne than the times with free of work. Case studies from different doctors say there is a direct connection between psychological stress and sebum secretion.

10 ) Genetics

Genes would definitely pass some incremental factors on pimples. Fathers with pimples/acne in the past will impact children acne with their genes. We cannot do anything for this, but just make yourself fit into the frustration.

Above mentioned list is all about how different factors impact and cause acne. Now let’s move into the world to know how to get rid of acne by considering above list. So read the complete tips below to reduce acne/pimple probability.

Tips To Avoid Acne/Pimples On Face

  • Please don’t think or imagine bed scenes with opposite gender. Lol! That increases testosterone and worsens the acne. Try to avoid thoughts by spending each penny of time for other tasks.
  • Try to get enough sleep. Teenagers need minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep to maintain body reactions carefully.
  • Use face mask when travel by bikes, avoid dust and clean your face more often with little cool water. Huge soap usage can make your skin dry.
  • Clean your face with doctor suggested/expert rated face wash to clean dead cells on your face.
  • Notice here that there is a big caution for popping pimples/acne. If you do it, that results in increasing of bacteria on face and you have to face the music.
  • There are several foods you need to avoid to reduce acne/pimples/zits. Mainly oil contained foods in the market.
  • Never feel mentally stressed. “Whatever happens – life has to go on…” remember this quote to avoid acne and pimples.

That’s it guys! General but most effective causes we have found here. Remember and consider above mentioned causes and reasons to lead your life happily. I know that with acne, we can’t even spend our time with our friends. We don’t go outside with shy feeling. So share this article for the people who is suffering with acne/pimples. I hope you will be having fun without acne so soon. All the best! Feel free to ask anything related to causes for acne/pimples. I would love to help you and do not forget to enter your suggestions to improve our content and site. Thank you!

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