What To Eat During Pregnancy/Maternity And Best Diet Plan

Pregnancy period is the most crucial part in your life to handle. You become more different than before times. But we need to make sure that pregnant lady and child should maintain their health and fitness during this pregnancy period. One thing you need to remember is your food is feeding two beings. So taking nutrition rich food and having best diet plan will improve your health and your baby’s health. So here in this article we are going to deal with you on – great information regarding to food during pregnancy period. Follow our tips and best ways to stay healthy before and after pregnancy. Lets dig in…

What To Eat When Pregnant – Nutrition Needs For Pregnant Woman

While your period of maternity you will need more nutrition than other days. You need to take more minerals and vitamins of some kind. Make sure that you are selected the best diet plan that provide bulk minerals and vitamins. Let’s see what are the nutrition needs for pregnant lady.

  • Please avoid these list – foods which are totally fried, soft drinks, meats with lot of fat and cheese. These foods contain more empty calories which are not good for your health.
  • Eat foods like – foods with low fat or fat free, foods without much sweet and foods with no added sugar.
  • You will need more folic acid for your neural tube health.
  • To develop baby’s bones, we need to take calcium more often.
  • For baby’s tissues we require proteins in a proper amount.
  • Iron is important to carry oxygen with blood between you and your baby.
  • Mercury is one of the needy nutrient pregnant lady need. This comes from fishes. But sometimes higher mercury is not good for health. So consult doctor as time passes to your delivery date to know which fishes are best for that time.

What To Eat While Pregnant – Must Eat Foods During Pregnancy

This time you go through the best sources for dandy foods for physical and mental fitness of baby child. Here we listed out nifty eatable things for maternity female person.


  • As I was mentioned earlier folic acid is one of the necessary nutrition for pregnant. You can gain it buy eating Whole grains and cereal. These foods are fulfilled with folic acid and iron more than regular rice.
  • Beans are the best part when we look for iron, zinc, calcium. If you cannot eat Beans directly, make soups, salads and other dishes to eat this food during pregnancy.
  • Salmon is a great food which is a complete source of Omega-III fatty acids would help to improve your baby’s eyes and brain.
  • Amino acids will be provided by Proteins are very good for your baby health and fitness. Eggs are replete with Proteins. So to get nearly dozen vitamins and minerals you have to include egg in your diet plan during pregnancy.
  • To get Vitamin C naturally you will have to take Barries. It is the best food than cereals and delicious in taste. Barries are available in different forms like blue, black and Rasp.
  • To get calcium more than milk you will need a cup of low fat yogurt. And it does not have added sugars.

Foods You Must Avoid During Pregnancy – Complete Guide

In this exiting and confusing phase woman can get food related infections during this Maternity period because some foods and hormones change. We should not restrict these changes as fetus require this changes to grow naturally. So make sure that your diet plan satisfies the changes that your body going through for the little precious baby. Follow this complete guide for more details on what food should be avoided.

  • You must avoid Raw foods for your body safety and to be on safe side from pathogens which are main cause of infections.
  • Do not eat Raw or uncooked eggs, meat and the food from water/sea. Make sure that you eat fully cooked meat, eggs and poultry products.
  • Never go for unwashed fruits or vegetables. Please wash with care and then eat or cook for better health care.
  • Don’t drink Raw milk. Milk should be Pasteurized.
  • You better avoid cheese from your diet plan for the best results.

Simple Tips You Must Take Care To Avoid Food Related Infections

There simple micro things you need to take to avoid infections during this complicated phase of your life. So follow below mentioned simple tips for better life.


  • Before you cook any meat or something Raw, please Wash them with hot water and clean it with care. Coming Knives and dishes you use for cooking should be cleaned with hot water.
  • Cutting boards for vegetables and other food related things have to be washed with more care.
  • Wash your hands after your dealing with Raw material foods with soap and running warm water.
  • Keep foods separately based on Characters and features.

That’s it. Now you have a brief idea of your own on “What to Eat and what not to eat during pregnancy” for good and healthy health. We have provided best tips and listed out best sources for you and your baby’s health and fitness. I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to ask us if you have any queries or share with us your views and give proper suggestions to improve our site and content. Your life is going to change with a baby. Until then, stay motivated!

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