Play 2048 Candy Evolution On iPhone/iPad

Hello guys. Probing for the new Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch games? Then here is the game what you wanted to download on your iPod Touch games and iPhone. 2048 Candy Evolution is the game what I am talking about, let’s know what is the latest version of it and how to download 2048 Candy Evolution for iPhone and iPad. This can not playable in the general PCs, you can play this on Apple gadgets.

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Latest Version & Developer Of 2048 Candy Evolution

2048 Candy Evolution genre belongs to Puzzle and it is the latest version of the previous one. The older version was released on Mar 29, 2014 and the new one has came on Jun 17, 2014. The older one is v1.01 and newer version of candy evolution is v1.02. Various notifications and the bug fixes are the newly introduced things in Version 1.02. This is more developed candy game and also highly addictive.

Jose Augusto is the developer of this app and he already released some games, which are also got the good response. The games are Doge Escape and Wrecking Ball – Ron Jeremy. If you like this game and developer, here are the more games by this developer.


This 2048 Candy Evolution needs iOS 6.1 or the versions after that. It is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

2048 Candy Evolution Free Download For iPhone & iPad

You can download this one on the App stores on iTunes. Here is the link for the official 2048 Candy Evolution. The file size will be approximately 10 MB, hence takes less time to download.

Download 2048 Candy Evolution

You can also view this App in the iTune’s App Store. Later you complete downloading, then see below to know how the game starts and how to play 2048 Candy Evolution.

How To Play 2048 Candy Evolution

You have to play this game with the candies. The game play will be like this, you have to pick two same kind of candies and create a better one. Start this with the two small beans of jelly which are red in color.

You have to swap every equivalent candy to another one to match two or more candies. When you fit the tantamount candies at a place then you will see the fall of all candies at one time. Its not so easy to do that, once if you move any candy, the other candies also move in all the four directions. So, you have to play this very intelligently.

Actually there is an other game which is also same as this i.e., 2048 Puzzle Evolution. This game is with the numbers not with candies. You can play this 2048 puzzle and Candy Crush Saga (also an puzzle game) not only in your Smartphones but also in your PC.

Here are the images you can see in your 2048 candy for iphoneYou can see in your iPad screen like this.2048 candy crush free download

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That’s the end of our discussion on 2048 Candy Evolution. Now you can enjoy 2048 Candy Evolution for iPod Touch and iPhone. If you have any questions, you are free to ask us. We will help you. If you like this, don’t forget to share this article on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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