Cortana For Android Download | Cortana App Installation Guide

As everybody knows Microsoft has been released a wonderful and awesome digital assistant app for android and iOS (iPad/iPhones) users. Now, in this article I’m going to show you the downloading and installing procedure on Cortana For Android. I will be using .Apk method to solve this problem.

There is nothing very tricky here, Very simple and easy to follow method is found for you. You can directly install this app Form Play store but some may get installation errors while downloading Cortana to their Android devices. Make sure that you are ready to walk with me to get the perfect key to get this Cortana girl to android.

cortana app download android

Download Cortana For Android with .Apk Method

Now, the real race begins…

First of all, you need to download Cortana Apk (Come back to here after downloading the .Apk) to install Cortana Digital Assistant on your Android Smartphones.

1. Now, go to Settings > Security > unknown sources and make them Allow as shown in figure below.allow unknown sources2. Now go to the location where you have downloaded the .Apk file on your mobile.cortana apk location on androidlocation of cortana apk image 23. Tap on the .Apk file as shown in the above image

4. Now, you need to allow the app to get access to some private data, no worries! press Next button until you see Installpress next to get install5. You will see a button to enter into the installing procedure. Now click on Installinstall button of apk6. Installing procedure takes some time, wait until the process runninginstalling process7. Now the Cortana app is installed successfully to Opencortana app installedThis is the procedure to install Cortana on Android Smartphones. Otherwise you can directly install this app via Play Store itself. This method works pretty fine for the devices which cannot download apps from store.

How To Use Cortana on Android

Once you successfully installed this app on Android mobiles, The app will open when you tap on Open button or from apps menu.

1. Cortana opening message comes when the app opens everytimeopen cortana on android2. She asks your Nickname to call you, provide your name. As you can see, it is calling me!! I just love here.setting your nickname on cortana3. You will need to enter your Microsoft login details to use this app. If you do not have the account already then there is no problem. Create new account option gives you freedom to create your account.

4. Cortana Menu Structure: There are different tasks you can perform with Cortana on Android. You can get latest local news, what is trending on the web, Voice search, reminders and more.cortana app menu on android

5. Voice Search: You can just tap on the Recording icon and say the word you want to search for. Here I asked Cortana to search for Justin Bieber. And it worked well!!!! She took me the web results here.voice search on cortana app android6. Funny Things: I wanted & was curious to know what it tells if I do voice search for Cortana. This little pretty girl told me that That’s me with a women cute voice

testing cortanaConclusion: I think this app is going to create sensations like what SIRI did long ago. I hope this post helped you to download Cortana for Android for free. I’m pretty happy that I have a girlfriend on my Smartphones. I just want to ask her a kiss, woo!! Lol!!

What do you feel?

Hey! do you have anything special to share with me and my blog readers. Is Cortana working fine for you? Do you have anything to ask?

Feel free to enter your comments and do not hesitate to share this article on social media. Let the world know that you are now engaged with a girl on Smartphone. And the special thing is, here you can order her to work for you. That is not possible in real life. Am I correct? Thanks for reading this post.

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