Simple Way To Free Download & Install BBM Messenger for Windows 8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop

Hello guys, in this article I’m going to tell you how to download BBM Messenger for Windows 8.1 or Windows 7/8 laptop/PC. I’m so interested to share this with you and using this app you can do anything you want in the chatting field, here I’ve mentioned something about Black Berry Messenger.

BBM is an admirable and one of the most developed app in the communication field. This supports all platforms and having best features like voice calling and group chat. Actually there are so many interesting attributes in this to enjoy like expressing your mood with emoticons and sharing files, pictures, videos etc with your friends. So, let’s go and get this BBM installed in your PC/laptop.

Free Download BBM For Laptop Windows 8.1/8/7 PC

As you are installing this BBM for the first time, so you need to know one straight forward thing. Let us say you are interested to install Black Berry Messenger in your laptop, but how you are gonna do that? Solution is pretty simple, installing an Android emulator in your PC. That emulator is BlueStacks App player.

You know what is an Emulator? Which copies the behavior of another. What you are doing here? Copying an mobile Android app into your PC, isn’t it the perfect definition of Emulator?.

No need to bother about the download of this software, it is free app to download and also user-friendly. I’ll provide the link to download it.

Download BlueStacks

Now do the installation of BlueStacks by making use of the downloaded file. Make that file open to get BlueStacks installed. If you have any problem in installation see >> solve errors while installation of BluStacks.

It roughly takes 3-4 minutes to install in PC and once you install it, you are now free to download BBM. So, by using this BlueStacks software, see how to install Black Berry Messenger in your PC/lapotp.

How To Install BBM for Windows 8.1/8 Laptop/PC

You are now crossed a major step in this process, it doesn’t mean that process is done. Once you install BlueStacks, automatically its window will be opened. If that’s not the case, you can open BlueStacks by clicking on BlueStacks icon which will be on the desktop.

Ready with BlueStacks? Then, follow these steps to install BBM Messenger in your laptop/computer.

  • You have opened BlueStacks, so in that go to Search
bbm for laptop
  • You will get a bar to search. There type BBM and don’t press enter instead click on “Search Play for BBM”
bbm windows pc
  • Final Step: Doing like that makes you see the BBM app, click on the exact one. Later click on “Install” and wait for some time to install the app.
messenger for laptop
  • If you installed it correctly, what is your next step? Yes, you want to open it, right? So, for that see the below 2 simple steps.

How To Use BBM Messenger On Windows PC

To open BBM go to home of BlueStacks, there you can see all apps, click on that or see the images below to understand better.

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To open BBM in your PC/laptop, follow these steps.

  • In BlueStacks you’ll see All Apps option, click on that.
bbm for windows 8.1 laptop
  • You’ll see BBM there, just open it
download for windows 8.1
  • Now you have to do the verification process then get into your account.
create new account

You should be happy now. Open it, start chatting and enjoy yourself with that. You may have heard about so many famous apps but, you have to know how to use them on PC. I will mention some apps by category wise, communication apps like Wechat for PC and games like Clash of clans for PC and to edit photos or videos Flipagram for PC and check so many in apps for PC.

That’s the end of the tutorial, I expect you to do well to download BBM for Windows 8.1 laptop or Windows 8/7 PC/laptop. If you have got any errors while doing this process, please let me know them by your comment. I will make you hear the solution for that. Don’t forget to share this post on Social Networks like Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

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  • argman

    the bbm app won’t appear in the results, I tried searching “bbm” and “blackberry” with no luck!!

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Don’t hit enter to search the BBM instead click on the “search play for bbm”.