Best Android Emulators To Use On Windows PC/Laptop Mac

We have been using different android apps for various important purposes since Google got revolutionary thought on mobile gadgets. There are billions of people who are busy with their android mobiles now-a-days. Smartphones became one of the must have thing in our daily life. Everybody using these devices for different purposes. This kind of invention took the gadget to next level. Just think once how we feel when we play our favorite android games on laptop/PC. Amazing! right? So let’s dig in for more detailed info…

Now we got the chance to use android apps on big screen. Professional people who contribute more for software development have designed a platform to use smartphone softwares on computers. In this article I’m going to talk about basic and worthy android emulators that you can use in your system/laptop to run apps.

Best Android Emulator List For Personal Computer and Laptop

Before I’m going to reveal the list, let me first explain the functionality of an android emulator. This software is mainly created to browse, install and then to use apps on computer. You can find various type of apps in that emulator. When you click on app, it takes some time to install your selected app and then it enables you to open that app in your system.

I’m going talk about one free and one premium emulator now. Free one is Bluestacks and the premium one is Youwave. You wave has trail version for 7 days and then you need to spend some bucks on premium membership.

Bluestacks Emulator Features & Review:

bluestacks android emulator
  • Bluestack has less size compared other emulators.
  • It is free of charge while downloading.
  • Software is totally user-friendly nature.
  • Easy to search for anything.

Download BlueStacks for PC

YouWave Emulator Performance & Review :

youwave emulator of android
  • It works well in both free and subscribed versions.
  • For the first week it is free after that you need to buy it.
  • Arm native code error is the most frequent trouble users are facing in this.

Get YouWave Software

This is it guys. Intention of this article is totally concentrated on best android emulator you can use for free. And we are testing other different emulators on different kind of apps as well. Daily visit our blog for latest updates and news on android apps and softwares to run apps on personal computer and laptop.

Actually, MAC users can also download their emulator from above mentioned link. But they need to download & install Mac OS android emulator. I think Bluestacks is avail for the Mac users currently because of its update problem. Mac PCs may or may not get it but Windows users can easily fetch it.

If you have any burning queries or helpful suggestions, feel free leave them as comment and let the other shy people know about the question they could face on this topic. This makes you hero as well.

We are always happy to help you. We would really love your participation on the web. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends on different social media. Enjoy your android apps on PC from now onwards. Have fun!

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    I have a crappie Asus note book I got for free 15g and 0.99g of ram. It currently has Windows xp. Is there any way to make it run on jelly bean or other android os? I just want to use it for internet browsing and watching videos and I feel xp is just to much for it to handle even though that’s what it came with. Any insight would be helpful negative or positive. Thanks