Call+ App Provides Free International Voice Calls On Both Mobiles & Landline

Just a few days back Google has launched the Device Assist app for the better execution of Android mobiles. Now it’s time for the app Call+, which lets you to make free calls to mobiles and landline phones in 85 nations. Here are the features of this Call+ app which makes you to install immediately in your Android. Actually there is no much gap between the release of these two apps (Device Assist and Call Plus) but users will find them really helpful.

Call+ allows everybody to make calls to any real phones in the 85 countries. The countries it allows are US, UK, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil and China etc. Recipient don’t need this app at the other end and he/she just need a mobile or the landline phone. Unlimited phone calls for free of charge and now it’s avail for both iOS and Android platforms.

Call+ App Attributes

Here I’ve cited the features of Call+ from the Google Play Store. It’s relinquished on 6 Dec, 2014 and be the first one of your friends to get this application. Here is the list of characteristics of Call+ Android app.

call plus app features

In this above image, you can figure out the options in the app. Image credits goes to Google Play Store and observe the services available and their prices.

Now here are the real facts regarding the Call plus application and these are applicable on any device. The main properties list of Call+ app goes like this…

  • Charge free voice calls to both wired and wireless phones.
  • Your present number will be displayed as the caller ID.
  • Not mandatory to have this application at the receiver end.
  • Compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices.

Unlimited calls can be made to anyone in the US continentals and to landlines in Brazil, Mexico and China. If you wanna make a call for different country, you need to buy unlimited call servicing for one day. It costs just 99 cents for one day ($0.99) and $1.99, $19.99 for two days and one month consecutively.

For the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, get Call+ from Apple App Store and unlike other apps, it don’t need to be installed at both ends.

If you find any crazy things and any errors about this, you can share it with us in the comments. These are going to help others for knowing better about this Android app. Kindly share this post, if you find helpful.

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