Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Forearm Into A Smartphone Quickly

Have you ever get a thought like this? Making a wristband as a Smartphone and accessing everything by twisting your wrist? This has been developed now, whenever you twist your hand you’ll see a Smartphone in your miniature wristband. This is named as Cicret bracelet. If you don’t believe this, you must know the news about this peculiar technology.

This Bracelet incorporates with a tiny projector and eight proximity sensors arranged in a row. With the help of these sensors, the projector comes onto the person’s forearm. This is the brief mechanism that happens in this small device but it is not as simple as we discuss.

Cicret Bracelet Working & Its Features

It is an independent device works with the wrist’s twist. It shows an interface of Android on the arm and you can access anything from that display. Proximity sensors plays a crucial role in the interaction, they senses the finger location of the user and performs according to that.

cicret bracelet

This functionality can be observed in the actual Android mobiles. Send mails and messages through this device using any chatting apps or Social Networks. Browsing is made easy and there is no scarcity for fun, you can play entertaining games and listen to music.

Pairing Cicret Bracelet with your present Smartphone makes you answer any incoming phone calls with the speakerphone feature available exclusively. This is a kind of activation or synchronization between the two platforms.

LED is available for notifying something which is a great advantage for the users. Accelerometer is present in this along with a module of vibration. WiFi connectivity is avail for connecting to Internet connection, Micro USB port and Bluetooth for the data transfer between the devices.

The expected models in which it is going to available are 16 GB and 32 GB. With all these awesome features it may costs up to $ 400 and it is gonna come into the market soon.

Hope this will reach the expectations well and if you find anything new about Cicret Bracelet, you can leave a comment here. Sharing this post makes other people know regarding this excellent device.

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    I found that something like this can be big deal. For im interested if it will work for any apple device. I also wonder where you would find it and how much will it be. For im very interested in purchasing one.