Free Download & Play 2048 Game For PC/Laptop – Windows 8.1/8

Howdy guys, thanks for being here. In this special tutorial I am gonna inform you about how to download 2048 game for laptop. This amazing puzzle genre app is developed by Estoty Entertainment Lab and this was released on Aug 19, 2014.

The older version is 2048 and the upgraded one is 2048 Number puzzle game, but both are called with the same name i.e., 2048. There are other games which are having 2048 in their name, for example, Wipeout 2048. It is an great car racing game and this is one of the app having 2048 in its name.

This 2048 puzzle has got impressive talk with its instant entertainment and nature of high addiction. If you use Smartphone to play this mind game, I think you will be having the fun. If you have a wish to play 2048 on laptop or PC, then here is the perfect tutorial which provides a stepwise procedure to 2048 game download for windows 8.1 or Windows 8 PC/laptop.

Download 2048 Game For PC/Laptop – Windows 8.1 Or Windows 8

If you have an definite desire to play 2048 for laptop, then you have to see this. In order to download 2048 for PC, foremost you must have BlueStacks software in your laptop. Wait, Wait…Don’t think this one is a big procedure. This is an effortless step before downloading 2048. Here you can download BlueStacks for Windows 8.1.

After you mop up with this download, install BlueStacks by just contributing a double click on the officially downloaded set up file.

Install 2048 Game For Windows 8.1 PC/Laptop

Now open BlueStacks and then head over to the below steps.

Later opening, go for the “Search” option.

download 2048 game for windows 8.1 pc

Type “2048 Number puzzle”. Search Play for “2048 Number puzzle game”.

download 2048 game for pc

Install it by clicking on the genuine options. Next thing is how you are going to play 2048 in your PC. So, to know that see the two steps which are mentioned below.

How To Open 2048 Game For PC In BlueStacks

If your installation is done without any faults, now open 2048 to play in the laptop/PC.

  • Go to apps list in the BlueStacks
  • There you will find 2048 Number puzzle game. Open it and relish playing.

Now you have opened 2048 and to know about playing 2048 in PC, look at the below points to know the playing options.

Play 2048 Game For Windows 8.1/8 PC

The game play is just cascading every similar quantity. If there are two same numbers side-by-side, you have to move one into another. Like this you have to add every equivalent number tiles and make a big one in the end. The sequence will be 8, 16, 32…1024…2048. This is what the play is all about. Playing this one is a fabulous waste of time and keep playing for the biggest tile in the game.

Astound Features Of 2048 Game

  • It has got multi-player option
  • You can ‘Undo’ your play to anywhere you want
  • Brittle notification sounds
  • Different game mode options
  • Resume your Game by autosave option
  • Achievements and leadership board
  • You can easily share with friends
  • Implemented very will for Android
  • Your feedback will be considered for the future updates
  • Android 2.2 and all other versions above this are supported

That’s the end of our discourse guys. This is what we get all about download 2048 for windows 8.1/8 laptop or PC. I hope you you have done by not making any faults. Please share your thoughts or questions with us, we will consider your suggestions and queries and help you to resolve them. Please Share this tutorial on Google+, Twitter, Facebook. Thank you!

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