BlueStacks Offline Installer For Windows 7/10/8

I am really excited to share this useful and most wonderful post with all my readers: BlueStacks installation without involving any net connection. I mean offline installer of BlueStacks. BlueStacks is the best android emulator and used to run all android applications on your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1/7 laptop or PC. You can run all Android apps like instant messaging android apps like WhatsApp for PC, WeChat, Kik, and gaming android apps like Clash Of Clans for PC and Subway Surfer for laptop, etc., using BlueStacks on Windows PC.

Whenever you want to use android apps on the laptop, you need an android emulator to run those applications. We have many Android emulators on the web to download and install some of the great apps on any operating system similar to Windows or Mac. Guys searching for an android emulator installation without taking part in the internet go through the below step-by-step procedure to get an offline installer of Bluestacks.

Download BlueStacks Offline Installer For Windows 8, Windows 7/8.1

Actually, every user will download BlueStacks from its official web page, but it will take much time to download an android emulator with an online installer. The online installer of BlueStacks is not a complete file, and it’s around 9 MB in size. When you get BlueStacks online if you open it will start installing and downloading other files from the internet. All this will happen when you have a speed internet connection. You can’t install BlueStacks on your Windows PC without an active net connection.

Don’t upset guys! Here we are furnishing standard and complete files of BlueStacks to run all android apps on PC or on other Smartphones, which consist of operating system android or windows. To download and install BlueStacks offline, the installer doesn’t need any other files from the internet. Click on below BlueStacks Offline Installer and wait a few seconds to complete the download.

download bluestacks offline installer

Download BlueStacks Offline Installer

I hope you have got BlueStacks offline installer. If you have any trouble while downloading, feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to download an online installer, go through Download BlueStacks, and in few cases, users face problems like Graphic card errors. If you have that issue, have a look at >> Installing BlueStacks software Without Graphic Card Error on PC.

Install BlueStacks On Windows 7 & Windows 8.1/8 Laptop/PC

After completing the download of BlueStacks from the above-mentioned link, don’t stop your excitement installing BlueStacks offline installer using simple and awesome steps to perfect installation. Here you can observe brief explanations for each step to clearer explanation or distracting users’ confusions.

Now follow the best way to download and install the offline installer of BlueStacks on windows 8.1 or windows 8 laptop/PC.

  • Start and run the BlueStacks.msi file to install an offline installer on your Windows PC.
  • After the opening of BlueStacks, the offline installer starts the installation process.
  • Just keep an eye on instructions that are displaying on-screen to have a clean installation of offline BlueStacks.
  • All the processes will be completed within few minutes.
  • Now have fun with installed BlueStacks after proper completion of the above steps.

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I hope you would be done download of BlueStacks offline installation on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 laptop or laptop/computer. Install this amazing App player in Windows 10 also since Windows 10 is the most awaited and upcoming Microsoft Windows version.

You can check out all the latest android apps and fresh tech news on this portal. If you have any quires regarding this any other related to android applications, you’re free to contact us or comment below. Share this valuable article with your friends, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

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  • Nirmal

    I can download but i can not install or it not working. it was working in my windows 8 my system is installed to windows8.1 it is not working could you help me

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hello Nirmal,
      If you have downloaded the offline installer software of BlueStacks, then it’s easy to install because it is just installing the other softwares in your PC. It works on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. I’ll try to assist you if you tell the exact problem what you’re facing in this, thanks.

  • nirvil kumar

    I can download and install bluestacks but cannot install Whatsapp on my laptop.i using win8 having hd graphics 4000.When I click on Whatsapp icon a massage occour”Market not Found.Search web for installation recipe?”What do now plz help me

  • Penny

    AMAZING!!!! you have no idea how much you have just helped me!

    • vikash singh

      the size of the offline installer software of BlueStacks is 196 MB.and it will take more time to download….so plz help me can i use any other software to use whatsapp on pc windows 8.1 ??????????

      • Vamsi Krishna

        Hi Vikash, if you download offline installer, it takes more time. If you go with runtime file of Bluestacks (size will be around 13 MB), it may take less time to download but at the time of installing, it needs Internet connection. So, if you want one thing you need to loose another one. Other than Bluestacks, YouWave is another software but it also has more size. So, I recommend you to go with Bluestacks runtime file because of its less size but make sure you have fast internet at the time of Bluestacks installation. Hope this helps, thanks.

        • SIVA

          Bro i am facing a problem while installing, it shows a message “”This installer has an invalid digital signature. It was probably damaged while being transffered over the network or loaded from damaged storage media. Please download a fresh copy of this installer from and try again. “” but i have downloaded the offline installer correctly, so plz help me plzzzzzzzz

          • Vamsi Krishna

            Hi Siva, what you have downloaded from the Bluestacks official page is a installer that needs Internet connection to install Bluestacks. That is not offline installer, no problem you can install this one also. Offline installer needs more data to download and less data to install whereas online installer requires less data for download and more data for installation. You can chose any one of them. Hope this assists you, thanks.

  • sujay

    I hv installed bluestacks 0.9 super easy..but while using it goes black. Just like a mobile phne when it locks and here it doesnt unlocks again. Pls suggest me smthing

  • Dhananjay

    Says this installer has an invalid signature how I fix this

  • akhau

    Hello..i downloaded bluestack offline…but its not working..i cant download any apps ..its says market finder not found..
    Please help me

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Akhau, which app you wanna download in Bluestacks?
      OK fine, you can avoid this error by doing like this. To install any app, download the APK file of that android app and open that file with Bluestacks. That’s it, it’ll install. Hope this helps you, thanks.

      • ronald

        hi bro.. I have successfully installed bluestacks offline installer but I am facing a problem upon installing Clash of Clans, it shows a message”Clash of Clans” could not be downloaded due to an error. (927) What will I do now? please help me bro plzzzzzz…

        • Vamsi Krishna

          Hi, just download COC (clash of clans) apk in PC and install it with Bluestacks, thanks.

  • akshat yadav

    its awsome app player i liked it very much annnnd i have downloaded many games like
    clash of clans etc

  • Amutha

    i downloaded both the apps bluestacks and offline installer also.. but the installation takes much more time.. what to do??


    it is truly helpful thanks………….
    but it is taking about hours for downloading game data is it exteremely necessary

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Yeah, it’s necessary to download the complete data.

  • yeah