Install BlueStacks For Windows 8/8.1/7 Without Graphic Card Error 25000

Howdy, guys. Great to see you here and in this tutorial I will let you know how to install BlueStacks without graphic card error for Windows 8.1/8 Or Windows 7 PC/laptop. If you are not yet downloaded BlueStacks, you can download it here.

Download BlueStacks For Windows 8/8.1 Or Windows 7 PC/Laptop

Downloading BlueStacks is a much simpler task, but after doing download, you need to be careful in the installation process. See the link below for official site of BlueStacks.

Free Download BlueStacks For Windows PC

It takes less than 5 minutes to download BlueStacks. After downloading it correctly (without any error), next thing is installing it.

Requirements To Install BlueStacks For PC/Laptop

Afterward download, you better see the below requirements for installing BlueStacks in PC.

  • You should have internet connection while doing install also.
  • While doing download and install, you need to have high-speed internet.
  • If you have less speed, then it will take more time to install BlueStacks for the laptop.
  • RAM – 2 GB Or more than that is recommended. Minimum RAM should be 1GB.

Install BlueStacks For PC/Laptop

Please be patient while installing. It won’t take much time, and after installation, you will feel that this is also like the setup process of other software.

  • Double click on the downloaded setup file to install BlueStacks
  • It will take some time to initialize all the apps

After you complete download and install of BlueStacks, you are now done with the entire process. You can check out any Android app in the BlueStacks from now onwards.

If you get any error while installing BlueStacks, check the below procedure to fix that problem.

Solve Graphic Card Error 25000 On BlueStacks

If you have outdated drivers, you’ll get this kind of errors. First of all, you have to use all updated versions of graphic card drivers to overcome to this mistake.

If you are using NVIDIA graphic card visit its official site here and get the newly released versions of the graphic card and continue with rest of the process. In case if you use the graphic card of AMD, check this link to update its drivers.

Later downloading these things, once again try to install BlueStacks. I think you won’t get any problem this time. If you have any problems, let me know them by a comment. I’ll try to help you.

That’s it guys; now you finished off with installing and solving BlueStacks graphic card error for Windows 8.1/8/7 PC/laptop. You can use Android apps on your notebook. I hope you have done this process without any mistakes. If you face any errors, please let us know. If you feel this post is helpful, share this on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Thanks!

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  • avi kath

    As i wanted to download Clash of Clans, I have download BlueStacks but unable to run , it shows error. kindly help

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hello Avi Kath,
      You have downloaded it but can’t run it, right? Note that you need to have internet when installing BlueStacks. You didn’t mention what kind of error you are getting when you tried to run it. If you face graphic card error, then you need to update your drivers. If the error is something else then let me know what it is, so that I’ll try to assist you.

      • Phina

        Hi! My problem is, after running the app, they said installed app doesn’t support the format. I just upgraded to Windows 8.1. Is there any way I can use the bluestacks and Windows 8.1 together?

  • yash

    when i click on clash of clans it shows a message “Market not found. Search web for installation recipe.” please tell me what to do

    • Vamsi Krishna

      OK, one way to get rid of this error is to install COC (Clash of Clans) using Apk file. This will be easy to you, just download it and open that file with BlueStacks. Go through this to >> download Apk file of COC. Got it?

      • Josh

        Hello, i had the problem where it said” market not found” so i downloaded clash of clans via the link you provided. when it opens it says it needs an update, but i just keep staring at the white google play screen. Do you have a link for an updated version

  • Trinanjan

    when i want to run bluestacks it say “downloading gaming data”..what can i do?

    • Evita

      i have same problem with you, when i want to run bluestacks it say “downloading gaming data”. it is processing but when i left it and wait, it start over again. i even didnt close bluestacks! i already tried over n over.. what should i do? asap

  • Joyce

    Paid $1 for Blue Stacks and downloaded it on Surface Pro. Didn’t get past initial window that showed split screen shot of what you should have on your computer on the left screen, and a long dissertation on the right.
    When I tried to run the download manager (a little purple guy) a band popped up on the screen stating, “this app won’t run on this computer”.
    Same with Shoebox.
    Internet was on. Have high speed, so that isn’t it. Went back to read the comments, and most said that they had same problems. Too bad, as I wanted to enjoy watching Showbox.

  • Denise

    After installing bluestack and the apk and show box, when I open it up thru blue stack I only get a white screen. It gives me option Like Movies, Shows but when I type in a movie name nothing comes out. I have this app in my tablet and I am able to see movies on it but I want to see them in my laptop. Please advise. txs

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hello Denise,
      Hope you’re enjoying with Showbox on your tablet. I think you’ve done everything what you need to do to install this show box app, but you’re saying that not able to run it properly. I too had this problem in my laptop but I rectified by installing it one more time. After completing install please close Bluestacks window and again run that bluestack and open show box. Thanks!

  • Mike Ullrich

    I am currently downloading BlueStacks and it has been Initializing for at least 30 minutes now. How long does this process take? Should I cancel and download again?

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hello Mike Ullrich,
      I don’t think it’ll take that much time to install. You better cleanly start once again all this process by restarting your PC. Hope this helps you, thanks.

  • Lawrent

    after completing downloading the bluestacks, the installation is failling that i need to have 1GB OR 2G of physical memory in my pc. what can i do? my pc has 1.6RAM.

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Lawrent, minimum RAM suggested would be 1GB. So no problem with your PC RAM. I think you have to make sure about your Internet connectivity because in order to make it install you need to maintain a better connection. So please check it and try once again. Thank you.

      • avinash

        i have also same pronlem of physcical memory.. it is showing you should have 2 gb physical memory.. what i should do.. i have 2mbps
        internet speed , 1 gb ram

  • clyde

    I have tried downloading the bluestacks but its showing me error message and i have also downloaded the new drivers of AMD N installed it on my system but when i got back to bleustack its still showing me the error 250000, what do i do?

  • leon kennedy

    please fix, while installing… Bluestacks installation Failed i got an error 1704 that suspended by MSVCRT_amd64…I have internet connection while installing it.. How sad

  • RAM


  • Bry G

    I need help , i have a 64g sd card with 58g free , but its saying theres not enough physical space (2g)

  • Deepesh

    during installation of blue stack an error occur is “25000 graphic card error to fix this install or update your graphic data card” and it’s too much mb…so can i get graphic data card driver from market…and my pc has 2 GB ram and 500 GB hard disk.

  • drew

    I installed clash of clans through bluestacks and the game it self needs and update and everytime i hit update it sends up an error that says ( Update for “Clash of Clans” could not be downloaded due to an error. [RPC:S-7:AEC-7]. Can you please help, I have a Sony Vaio Flip?

  • saikiran

    for pc,bluestack intalizing since an hour what should i do

  • a cregan

    Im downloading showbox for Bluestacks but I seem to only be able to get zip file and not the apk file – what do I do? help?

  • shivam

    i dont have graphic card …what should i do…iam just interested in whatsapp

  • Martin E

    Error 25000, Drivers are up to date and already went to the link you mentioned. Checked on my drivers and are up to date. On RUN I entered dxdiag, my display is standard VGA Graphics Adapter, Chip Type; NVidia, DAC type; 8 bit, current display mode 1024 X 768 (32bit) (1Hz) MAIN DRIVER; vga Version 6.1.7600.16385

    NVidia’s system analyzer displayed , Nvdia GeForce4 MX 420 Video Card with up to date drivers.

    • vhonboy

      my coc is crazy because all the structures or buildings is black what should i do?

  • vipul choudhary

    good morning sir,

    i downloaded the bluestack and then i install him and when the installation is half so i quit this installation and delete everything and then again i downloaded the setup and then i open this setup so the message is showing on the screen is bluestack app player download is in my question is this sir where is the installation page of bluestack app player in the window 8.1 and i search everywhere in the laptop but not found.
    please reply soon.

    thank you sir.

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hello Vipul, I don’t understand what you asked, so for my confirmation can you tell what do you mean by installation page of Bluestacks? I’ll assist you later I notice this.

      • vipul choudhary

        sir, its a sky blue screen and written on this is downloading game data

        • Vamsi Krishna

          OK, it is the installation window, downloading gaming data has to move on in order to complete the installation. Have a good internet connection and try, it’ll finish in 10 minutes. Good luck, thanks.

  • Kartik

    How Graphic Updated. i have no graphic card

  • revthi

    i hv graphic card but i dunno h to update it…due this prblm in installind bluestacks…h to downloan it without graphic card driver

  • iswarya

    sir i have downloaded bluestacks.. but it shows Initilizing page for long time.. what should i do…

  • swathi

    after installation of blue stacks I am trying to install whats app in my laptop but it was showing an error message like error in retrieiving information from server

  • rayleigh15

    Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7;AEC-0]

    that’s my problem when i’m trying to install clash of clan,
    little help please?

  • subbu

    blue stacks is not installing to my pc windows 8 i am also installing with internet connection what should i do?

  • Nikhil Bahrani

    when i click on whatsapp it shows a message “Market not found. Search web for installation recipe.” please tell me what to do.ASAP pls

  • pt shaju

    i downloaded it and installed it successfully but when i open it it is showing that it is downloading game data and downloading is never ending/taking a long time….. why?

  • chethan

    sir, plz help me….when i install blusestack and clash of clan its installed then getting blackscreen error with some abstract images…then i updated my graphics driver all….then also when opening clash of clan its coming supercell and strucked everytime….so plz help me fast as sooon

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Chethan, I think you have installed both Bluestacks perfectly. You better open it once again by closing all the things or if possible try to install the game once again. There is no other alternative for your issue. Hope this helps you, thanks.

  • Anna

    Good morning
    Error 1406,What should I do?

  • mimu

    when I click on whatsapp its shows ” Market not found” so what to do?

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Use the Apk file of Whatsapp to install the app.

  • Naman

    i only 1 GB RAM. But for installation it required 2GB physical memory…..what can i do.

  • isaac

    i have a problem to download intelgraphic driver for dell D630

  • Jamal

    My graphic driver is up to date, but still can’t install Bluestack. What should I do?

  • jm

    I don’t have a video card . Is it okay if i’m going to download a bluestack(COC) ?? thanks

  • Pargunel

    while try to install bluestarks ( it appear: download in process ) what should i do please help me… but last time i install it >>by mistake uninstalled it…

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Wait for few minutes (10-15 min), after that it’ll complete downloading.

  • Albert benny

    when i was installing bluestacks the program is saying that it does not has sufficient access the key

  • popoy

    i already download bluestacks i follow all the instruction and i download it problem is when i start download whatsapp theres an error and i dint know whats wrong but i give all the required data i want to download whatsapp in my laptop can you help me pls…what can i do?

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Try to install it by restarting your Bluesacks, if possible your PC too. After that have speed connection, then again give it a try.

  • Raj

    While installing the bluestack im getting an error” Host process Rundll32 has stopped working” please help

  • akash

    actually i hav installed the blue stack app… is it necessary to install the game data//??????????
    n when m trying to run the android apps thn it is showing error tht installation error no server connection……so wht should i do?????? plz help…..

  • rana farhan

    can u tell me how can i download the graphic card driver for blustacks

  • catherine

    hello vamshi..
    when im opening bluestacks ….it is lyk downloading game data…but its not opening…watz d prblm?

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi, firstly check the internet connection. It must be fast, then it may take 10 to 15 minutes to finish that installation.

  • vishnu

    i cant b able to install this in my pc having 1Gb RAM. wat can i do?f
    it says 2 GB RAM is needed

  • ankush parmar

    when i installed blue stack then 25000 error is occur and massage display is “error blue stack currently not recognize your graphics card it is possible your graphices drivers may need to be update …plz update and truy again … ” how to solve this problem … tell me sir … plz .. sir

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi ankush, yes you need to update them. Go to the official website of your laptop’s brand and get the drivers.

  • etr


  • tutun

    very good

  • emar

    how to sign in in bluestack
    i already downloaded but needed google authentication

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi, just try to install any app, it’ll ask you to sign in to your Google account.