Play Temple Run on PC/Laptop : Download for Windows 10/7/8

Howdy, guys. In this special session, I will tell you how to download and install Temple Run for PC/Laptop on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7. Follow this step-by-step guide to download Temple Run for Windows PC.

Temple Run is the most popular arcade game in the world. People who have Smartphones should be played Temple Run on their Aandroid mobile, and you all know arcade category games give more entertainment on the big screen. So, if you have a desire to play Temple Run for PC/Laptop on Windows 8.1/8 or Windows 7, then fulfill your desire by exactly doing what I say in this article. Let’s go…

Download Temple Run For Laptop/PC – Windows 10/7/8

To play Temple Run on Windows PC, you need to work a bit on your PC/laptop. It’s not a time taking process. To play Temple Run for Windows PC, you need to install BlueStacks App Player on your laptop. After you install BlueStacks, then go for download and install Temple Run for the laptop. Firstly see the gentle procedure to download BlueStacks for Windows 8.1/8 PC.

Later downloading that file, double click on that file to install BlueStacks. If you get any graphic card error while doing this, you can solve the error in installing BlueStacks. Following this, next download Temple Run for PC/laptop.

Download Temple Run For Windows 10/7 PC/Laptop

This is the best method, guys, to download Temple Run for Windows PC. Some other ways also there, but you may face some difficulties while doing that. Sure, this will help you to download Temple Run.

So, here I am explaining with pictures to download Temple Run to understand and download it easily.

First off, open BlueStacks on your PC. At the top of the BlueStacks window, you will see “search.” Click on search.

download temple run for laptop

Search for Temple Run. Click on “Search Play for temple run.”

temple run for windows pc


You will see Temple Run. Click on that and install it. Wait for some time to complete the download.

You are almost done! After you complete your download of Temple Run, come back to BlueStacks home and then follow these steps.

How To Run Temple Run For Windows 8.1 Or Windows 8?

Once you come back home, do as I say. You are just two steps away from playing Temple Run for PC. Come back to BlueStacks and click on All Apps.

free temple run download for laptop

In all apps, you will see your downloaded Temple Run. Click to open Temple Run.

game temple run for pc

Now that’s your most awaiting Temple Run for PC. Firstly it takes some time to open, after that it will open in a quick time. Run to win. Run as long as you can.

So many people may know the keys to use to play Temple Run on Windows PC. Some people who don’t know and are new to playing this game on PC have to know the keys to play Temple Run for PC.

How To Play Temple Run on PC?

You can play either with the keyboard or with the mouse (touchpad). When you are playing with the touchpad, the buttons are,

Turn left (Left), Turn right (Right), Jump (Up), Slide (Down), Move left (Z), and Move right (X). For collecting coins or to walk on a half (one side) way, use Z, X keys.

When you play with the mouse, you have to swipe that one in four ways. As I said to take coins or walk on one sideways, you have to use Z, X keys.

Interesting Facts About Temple Run

Foremost, it is a catchy scenery. You can see a cave first up that is so attractive. The way that the wild animals run behind you is more thrilling. It gives you more boost to run more and run fast. You have to be careful at the consecutive slides and jumps. Once anyone plays this game, there is no difference between kids and grownup people; everybody will addict to this game. Every time you play this game, you want to break the previous record yours. Such a challenging game this one is.

You can upgrade running skills and the persons also by spending the coins you got by playing. You can get more lives also with this. The important thing is you have to earn more coins. Temple Run Oz app also comes into Smartphones, and it is also got the same craze.

That’s it, guys. Now you can play Temple Run for Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 PC. I hope this article helped you to download Temple Run without any trouble. If you like this post, please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You can ask any queries regarding this article. We will help you. Thanks!

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