Free Download & Play Temple Run 2 Oz For PC/Laptop Windows 8.1/8/7

Hello guys, are you probing to download Temple Run 2/Oz for PC? Here is a classic tutorial to download Temple Run Oz for Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7. Follow these well-fixed steps which I am going to mention to download Temple Run Oz for laptop.

Temple Run 2 has got amazing response like its previous version. Before this new one, there is a older one called Temple Run. You may have played this Temple Run 2 in your Android mobile. But some people say that it is going struck at some places in the game.

If you are reaching the best score in the game, what if it struck unfortunately? Less RAM in the Smartphone may be the reason for this problem. If you play it in the PC, you won’t get such problems because, naturally PCs have got good RAM. So, follow these very simple steps to download Temple Run 2/Oz for PC. Let’s dig in…

Download Temple Run 2 For Laptop/PC Windows 8.1, Windows 8/7

You can’t just play Temple Run 2 without any software. To play Temple Run 2 on Windows PC, you have to install BlueStacks in your laptop. Don’t worry guys, it is not a time taking one, just a simple process. It is a must software to download Temple Run 2 for laptop. Just do like what I provide here. Click on the below link to download BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks for Windows PC

Your download will start by clicking on the above link. It takes some time to download, not more than 5 minutes. If you get any error during the installation, you can check fix BlueStacks graphic card problem. If you get it exactly, go to most important and easy step i.e., downloading Temple Run 2 for PC. After this one is over, you can play the game.

How To Install Temple Run 2 For Windows 8 Or Windows 8.1/7 PC/Laptop

Here is the effortless way which is so easy to understand. Here I am putting up that best way to download Temple Run 2 for PC.

Concentrate on these next few steps to play Temple Run 2 for PC.

Open BlueStacks, then click on search.

download temple run 2 for laptop

Type temple run oz and click on “Search Play for temple run oz”.

temple run 2 for windows pc

Installation will complete according to the app size. Basically it takes few minutes to download. If you are finished with your download, then come back to the main screen of BlueStacks.

How to Execute Temple Run 2 Oz For Laptop

There you can see the “All Apps” with a “+” symbol. Open that All Apps option.

temple run oz for pc

Temple Run Oz and click on that to play.

free temple run download for laptop

Okay, that’s the game what you are looking for in your PC. You have downloaded Temple Run Oz for PC. If you want to know how to play Temple Run Oz on PC, you can check out below.

How to Play Temple Run 2/Oz

You can play it in two ways. One with the mouse and another one with the keyboard.

  • With the Keyboard

So many prefer playing like this because the keys are easy to operate. Jump (Up), Slide (Down), Turn left (Left), Turn right (Right), Move left (Z) and Move right (X). If you want move left for collecting coins then “Press Z” and want to move right for collecting coins then “Press X”. Press Z, if you want to stay to the left side and press X, if you want to stay at the right side.

  • With the Mouse (Touch pad)

To play using this mouse, you have to swipe in order to move in four ways. To collect coins in side ways you have to use Z and X.

Let’s look at some of the amazing things that attracted people towards this game, Temple Run Oz.

Amazing Attributes Of Temple Run 2

  • Like the Temple Run, it is also got the impressive backgrounds and scenes.
  • Good to see this Temple Run Oz in the forest kind of a place and start up is also wonderful, can’t stop talking about the track, it is just amazing and the sudden hurdles are so difficult to pass by.
  • Previous one was designed on the wall kind of a graphics, but this one is in a greenery place.
  • Of course, the track in this game is inspired and taken from the movie called “Oz the Great and Powerful”. But the implementation is awesome. You can’t stop this by just playing once.

That’s all guys, you can now enjoy the temple run 2 for Windows 8.1/8 on PC or laptop. I believe you all done this without any obstacles. If you have any problems, please feel free to ask us and surely we will assist you. If you like this, please share this on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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