WeChat Download For PC/Laptop – Wechat For Windows 10/7/8

Hello guys, do you want to chat with your friends in WeChat using a laptop/PC?. In this post, I’m gonna tell you how to download and install WeChat for Windows 10/7. So, follow my steps which are simple and clearly explained with images.

WeChat is the most popular messaging and call-making app all around the world. It has some mind-blowing attributes for free, like group chat and voice calls. You may have done chatting with your friends by WeChat on your Smartphone. But, so many WeChat users want to enjoy their chat in WeChat for PC. So, here is a clear explanation for downloading WeChat for laptops.

Download WeChat For Laptop/PC – Windows 10/7

To download WeChat for laptop/PC, you need to have programmer software. The software is BlueStacks App Player, technically called Android apps Emulator. It would help if you had these BlueStacks on your PC to use WeChat on Windows. It is free to download and can be downloaded very quickly. Click on the below button to download it.

Download BlueStacks

Now give a double-click on that downloaded file and install it. Please wait for some time until it gets installed. Now you have BlueStacks installed on your system. If you have any problems in installation, see how to solve errors while installing BlueStacks. The next thing in front of you is downloading WeChat for your laptop.

How To Install WeChat on Windows 10 PC/Laptop?

You can identify a BlueStacks quick launch icon on the desktop after mop up with installation. Foremost, open BlueStacks, and at the top right corner, you will find the “search” bar, their search for “WeChat.” After that, WeChat will appear. Install it by just clicking it. See the images below, and you will do it better.

Follow these steps and do exactly what I say to install WeChat for Laptop/PC.

  • Open BlueStacks and go to the search option.
wechat download for windows laptop
  • Type ‘What’s and then tap on “Search play for wechat”
wechat for laptop
  • Then click on the WeChat icon, and you will be asked to install it. Some other apps will be shown to you. Just ignore them.
download wechat for windows 8
  • Install WeChat for PC.
wechat for windows 8.1

It will take some time to download that WeChat (size approximately will be 25MB). After finished with downloading, click on the home button and follow the next few steps to use WeChat on PC. The next thing is synchronizing your laptop and mobile devices. Then, synchronize your Android mobile and PC by quickly doing the next 4 steps. This is not mandatory. You can do this or skip these steps of synchronizing.

sync laptop and smartphone
  • Open BluStacks Cloud Connect (Available in Google Play Store) on your mobile, and it will ask you to enter a pin.
  • Get this pin from Cloud Connect in BlueStacks.
  • Route for Cloud Connect is Open BlueStacks >> Click on time  >> Again click on time >> Settings >>Cloud Connect.
wechat download for pc
  • Give details of mobile number and e-mail, and you will get the pin to your e-mail. Note down the PIN.
  • Go back to your mobile and enter this pin in BlueStacks Cloud Connect. Then press on the potion “Sync.”

Almost over! Now both your PC and mobile phone are synchronized. This allows data transformation between both of them. You should know how to use WeChat for your laptop.

How To Use WeChat on PC?

Once all this procedure is over, open WeChat which will be in the BlueStacks app list. To participate very actively on WeChat, you have to create your own account (Sing Up) and start the conversation with your friends. It will become more simple for you if you follow these images that I have shown.

  • Click on “All Apps”
download wechat on laptop
  • You will see “WeChat” and open it.
  • If you open it, you will see a window like this. You are a first-time user, so “Sign Up” first.
wechat sign up
  • Provide your name, mobile number, and password, which you will use, and then sign up.
provide password to install
  • The message will be sent to your mobile containing a verification code. Make sure you have the mobile with you.
wechat for pc
  • Enter your code there very carefully and go to the next step. If you enter it wrong, try again once.
wechat windows 8
  • Now, you are here! In your WeChat account. Do whatever you want in your account, like editing your profile and calling your friends to join.
wechat download for laptop

Add your friends to your contacts list and invite some other friends. Once you Sign Up for this, the next time you open this WeChat app, you Log In to your account. Log in by using your mobile number and password.

use app for pc


Fantastic Features Of WeChat

It has got awesome features and got more craze by the people along with the apps like Whatsapp. WeChat is used to connect people, and you can make video calls, voice chat, Group Chat. Actually, it is so famous for voice chat and many friends of you can chat at a time. You can share your feelings with some emoticons. Video call making, voice chat, and chatting with a group make you unstoppable. Really it is increasing the communication and relations among the people.

The reasons for you to choose this app to use on PC may be somewhat difficult in chatting. But, it doesn’t mean that problem is with the app but with the mobile. If the screen size of your smartphone is small, then you may face difficulties while typing. But, for large-screen Smartphones, there won’t be any problem. So, whatever may be the reasons that made you use Wechat on a laptop, you are going in the best way.

That’s it for now, guys. Now you are done with the WeChat download for windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7 laptop. I hope this tutorial helped you to download WeChat for your laptop without any errors. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. Feel free to ask any queries regarding the problems with this installation. I’m here to help you. Thank You!

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