Download WhatsApp For Laptop/PC on Windows 10/8.1/7

Hey guys, are you exploring downloading WhatsApp for PC?. Then stop your hunt here. Here is a great tutorial for that. In this exclusive post, I will tell you how to do WhatsApp download for Windows 10 laptops or Windows 8.1/7 PC. This phenomenon is very gentle and easy if you go through every step very cautiously. If you have any one of the iOS devices, you can also download WhatsApp on iPad/iPhone devices.

WhatsApp has got mind-blowing features, and users are going crazy all over the world. Most of the users use this android app on Smartphones for chatting purposes in WhatsApp for PC. Not surprisingly, those who chat on smartphones want to enjoy it a lot by chatting on the PC. To do that, here is a simple tutorial for you. Follow these easy steps to download WhatsApp for laptop/PC.

Download WhatsApp For PC or Laptop

There are few methods to install WhatsApp, but some are concealed a little bit difficult. Of course, in every method, there will be a difficult part. Here I am providing you with the best and well-situated way to install WhatsApp for Laptop.

In one place, you have to be careful in this process. I will remind you at that instant. You may see so many steps in this phenomenon, but you’ll find every step so easy. This method will definitely work for you guys. Let’s dig in…

Download And Install BlueStacks For Windows 10/8.1, 7 PC Laptop

To do WhatsApp download for a laptop, foremost, you must have the software called BlueStacks. It enables your PC to install WhatsApp. It is software that is available for free and has a tiny file size. So, download BlueStacks here with the link given below.

Download BlueStacks

After you download this BlueStacks software from the official webpage, install it by giving a double click on the downloaded file, like installing other software on your PC.

Make sure that you have an internet connection while you install BlueStacks for your PC. If you face any errors while installing, see >> how to solve graphic card errors of BlueStacks. If your installation of BlueStacks is over, then open the BlueStacks and do exactly what I say.

  • Open BlueStacks
whatsapp for windows 8
  • At the right bottom corner, you will see the “Time.” Click on time.
whatsapp download for laptop
  • You will see time again. Click on that one.
whatsapp for laptop
  • Now click on the option “Settings.”
download whatsapp pc

There you can see Change Language, Cloud Connect, Change Keyboard Settings, and some other things. These are useful to change any settings. Just remember this. It will be helpful at some other time.

whatsapp install for pc

WhatsApp For Windows 10 Laptop PC Or Windows 8.1/7

To download and install WhatsApp for a laptop, there are few simple steps you have to follow. In the first step, you will see the image like this—no need to confuse. Just see the images cited below and do like that.

  • Open BlueStacks and search for WhatsApp.
search for app
  • Type ‘WhatsApp’ and then click on “Search Play for WhatsApp.”
whatsapp download for windows
  • Install WhatsApp by clicking on the icon.
install app for laptop
whatsapp download for pc
  • Next, Accept the app permissions.
whatsapp for windows 8.1

Then you will see the WhatsApp download window; it’ll be approximately 13MB. After finishing the WhatsApp download, you don’t do anything. Not even open WhatsApp. Come back to the home by clicking on the home kind of button.

As I said, I’ll remind you to be careful when the tricky part comes, now here it is. Be careful, guys, and you are just a few clicks away from working with WhatsApp on Windows 10 laptop.

To use these free messengers, you have to synchronize your android mobile and laptop. This is just 4 steps process. See this to synchronize your PC/laptop and Smartphone.

sync pc mobile

  • Download BlueStacks Cloud Connect for your Android mobile. If you already have it, then no need to download it. Otherwise, you can download it from the Google Play Store.
  • If you open BlueStacks Cloud Connect (Android mobile app), it will ask you to pin. You can get this pin from “Cloud Connect,” which will be in BlueStacks (PC App).

Here is the procedure to get the PIN. Now open BlueStacks and go to “Cloud Connect,” which will be in the “Settings.”

apps for windows 8.1 or windows 8
  • Here you have to enter your email id and mobile number. After that, you will get a pin to your email.
  • This is the what the pin you have to enter in your Smartphone BlueStacks Cloud Connect. Enter this pin there.
  • After entering the pin, click on the option “sync” in your BlueStacks Cloud Connect.

Now your PC and Smartphones are synchronized, you can use WhatsApp on your PC. All the things are over. Let’s see how to open and use WhatsApp on the laptop.

Use WhatsApp On Windows PC or Laptop

  • Open BlueStacks and click on the WhatsApp icon. You can do this as shown below.
whatsapp download for pc
  • After you agree to the terms and conditions, you will be asked for the mobile number. Enter your phone number and continue the details filling process.
provide mobile number

It will take approximately 5 minutes to send the PIN to your mobile. If you get message sending failed, then go for the voice call. If you click on “voice call,” you will get a call from Whatsapp customer care and tell you the 6 digit pin to continue to the next step.

Afterward, enter 6 digit pin in your installation process, you will come to your profile info. Provide your name and optional profile picture. That’s it, tell your friends to come on to WhatsApp after you complete your profile info.

Impressive Features Of WhatsApp

  • It is available on Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iPhones.
  • Free voice calls in WhatsApp will be introduced soon
  • You can send any file like DOC, APK, ZIP, or PDF to your friends with the Cloud Send feature
  • Conversation Backup
  • WhatsApp has got 600 million users all over the world
  • You can hide the indication option of last seen time

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That’s it, guys, now invite your friends to join you. This messenger program controller is perfect as it has really supersonic speed of delivery of messages and images. You are now done with WhatsApp download for Windows 10 laptop or Windows 7/8.1 laptop/PC. These are only some features, but it has so many. You can use this in Windows 10 Phone or Windows 8.1 Phone.

I hope you did this without any errors. If you get any problems, please let us know. We will help you. If you like this, don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest. Enjoy your chat. Thank You!

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  • Akhil

    It’s working. Thanks for the clear explanation…

  • keerthana

    i cant fully install bulesack in my windows8.1. can u help me?

    • Srujan

      Hello Keerthana,
      You didn’t mention what type of problems you’ve got while installing Bluestacks. You must have internet connection when Bluestacks being installed. If you get graphic card error,then refer this article

    • durai

      how do install bluesack
      for my windows 8 please say

  • nany lap top is hp(windows 8) and i use D-LINK DWM to connect to lap top.i have down loaded the blue stack but i cant finish downloading whats app.plz help me.tnx

  • Vamsi Krishna

    Hello Nany,
    You have problem in downloading WhatsApp in BlueStacks, right? You didn’t exactly mention what your problem is. See, this is just a tip, don’t hit enter after typing Whatsapp in the BlueStacks search bar, just click on search play for whatsapp as I did there. See those steps carefully once again, still if you have trouble, let me know that. Thanks!

  • Linuz

    Thank so much….successfully installed.

    • Baljinder singh

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      • ammu

        sir i hav installed bluestaks and it always shows download…. game data plse help

        • Amandeep Singh

          hello Sir i have downloaded the bluestacks but it shows downloading the games data,so what so i doto make it fast , whether iam going on right path tell me Sir

          • Vamsi Krishna

            Yeah, you’re going in right way but, make sure that the Internet is fast. So that it’ll install quickly, otherwise it takes lots of time.

      • veeru


        I have one doubt for whatsapp. is it possible when i open my whatsapp my friend get any message. why i am asking this question when i open my whatsapp same time he also come online, i thinking he do some thing in software. plz give me reply

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    • SHASHI

      sir m facing the same prob to install whatsapp. it said that there is an error “Error retrieving information from server”. any help?

      • Vamsi Krishna

        Hi Shashi, you can get the Whatsapp Apk file and install it with your Bluestacks. It can be downloaded very easily, just download it and install or use the WhatsApp web version. Hope this helps you, thanks.

  • Surendra

    Good article, explained well

  • sachin sampat gorde

    when i start bluestacks on the screen i see initizing process an 1 hour so what i do

    • Srujan

      Hi, if you have a high speed web connection i.e., internet, you can finish off that initializing process within 5 minutes. So maintain that and try again.

  • HanoYs

    Well .. Thank you for the amazing workaround, it really will be useful with some other staff..
    it really works with the WhatsApp, and I’m currently able to use the WhatsApp on my Windows 8.1 HP Pavilion Lab top.

    the catch here is that when I’ve successfully connected to WhatsApp on the pc, it has been disconnected on the mobile, and now I have to re-verify on my smartphone, and when I verified on the phone, it needed re-verify on the pc AGAIN, which i think would be an INFINITE LOOP (verify here – blows there)

    yet again thank you for trying … and it will be useful anyway … and i believe you have nothing to do with this, it is up to whatsapp folks to allow activating an account on a multiple devices

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    when i try to install whatsapp, there is an error “market not found. search web for installation recipe?”
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    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Krishna, you can install Whatsapp with the Apk file. To download Apk file, just search whatsapp apk and do the download. Later run or open the downloaded apk file with the bluestacks hwich you have already installed. I think this won’t give any errors to you, thanks.

  • rohan

    i have installed bluestacks but it doesn’t move beyond initializing nd i waited for 2-3 hours. Please tell me what to do next

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Rohan, bluestacks won’t take that much time to initialize. It takes around 8-10 minutes for initialization, so better you check your internet speed is good and try to install after checking that. Thanks!

  • JEFF

    Can I access whatsapp on my phone after downloading on the pc? or does it allow just one option to access the account registered?

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    • Vamsi Krishna

      Of course you can install both emulator and Whatsapp.

      • crystal

        Hiii my bluestacks is still downloadin can u plzz hlp me

        • Vamsi Krishna

          Hi, if it doesn’t finish with in 20 minutes, you can close it and try installing one more time with better connectivity of Internet. It takes more time if you have poor Internet speed, thanks.

          • karishma

            I can’t download the whatsapp apk file too, it shows the same message market not found search web for installation
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    market not found. search web for instalation web. what does it mean? install from mozilla?

    • Vamsi Krishna

      It doesn’t mean to install from the mozilla. Just an error in the installation, you can use the Apk file of Whatsapp to install it in Bluestacks. This Apk can be found in the web easily. Directly open that file with Bluestacks, hope this works for you. Thanks.

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    when i try to install whatsapp, there is an error “market not found. search web for instalation recipe”
    please help me what to do now..

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi, to fix this error, you better use an Apk file to install the WhatsApp. You can get Apk easily on the web and after downloading the file, open that file with Bluestacks. Now your Whatsapp will get installed in the Bluestack software. This works for you, thanks.

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  • Sonia Jyani

    I experienced a problem during downloading BlueStacks App Player.Actually at first when i downloaded it, when it was in process due to some network problems i cancelled it in halfway and after that when i reinstalled it after completely downloading it from updateminds it is still showing that downloading is in process. and its not getting installed.
    please do help.

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Sonia, after downloading the Bluestacks, during installation you’ll see one more downloading process. Actually that is not usual download but it is the process of downloading gaming data. It takes some time (approx. 20 min) to finish the installation. During the installation, have fast Internet and try to install it once again with patience. Hope this works, thanks.

      • Sonia Jyani

        i am still its not getting installed and again showing the same problem saying the download is still in progress.
        do i need to have a 3g connection for that ?
        after its downloading i waited for half an hour too still its not working ?
        please do help.

        • Vamsi Krishna

          Yes, you must have 3g Internet connection. After getting 3g connection, try once again.

          • Sonia Jyani

            sir i downloaded it using a 3g connection and also waited for around 30 min after dat to ensure its installation but of no use. its still showing downloading is still in proress !
            please do help.

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    • Vamsi Krishna

      Use the WhatsApp Apk file to install this Whatsapp in your PC.

  • Shafqat Nadeem

    I am really thankful to you . i installed blue stacks app in my Lap tp windows 8.1 pro . i succesfully installed it and when i opened it then no app can be downloaded . i saw above comment that download apk files and then open with this handler i did so and i am enjoying this awesome app . it is like an android mobile. but i have problem that i have also downloaded GOOGLE PLAY STORE app in apk file and it is installed but dont run. when i open it then it auto matically ends with no notification . but i am happy that all other apps are woring fine . thank u very much for giving that software with offline installer .

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    • Vamsi Krishna

      There is a link in this post to download Bluestacks, use it you can get it easily.

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    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi, you must have fast 3G connectivity at the time of installation. Be patient and try after you make sure to have quick Internet. Hope this helps you, thanks.

  • sakharam

    respected sir,

    whatsupp problem is when i search or open any apps then next error occur(Market not found.Search web for installation recipe.)

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi, if you get this error, you can install apps by using their Apk files. Just download the Apk file of app which you want to install and run that Apk with the Bluestacks. Hope this assists you, thanks.

  • Elisha Manase

    this application help us & simplify communication between one person with another

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    hi, have instaled whats aap completely , but not working properly. tell me how i contact my friends. i have try many time but fail.

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Kiran, when you open Whatsapp you’ll see “Tell a friend” option. You can add your friends to your whatsapp and start contacting them.

  • Saddam

    when i install bluestack then downloading Game data what can i do

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Saddam, you have to wait at least 20 minutes to complete the installation of the Bluestack.

  • Ahmed Dalhatu

    Am stock a point, after searching for the application (WhatsApp), the result is “Market not found. Search Web for Instalation Recip?” With an option cancel and ok. What should I do?

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hello Ahmed, you need to use the Whatsapp Apk to install the app. Download the Apk and install it in your Bluestacks.

  • Saddam

    How can i Add Contect friends number on whatsapp please help me
    i cant add my friends

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Open whatsapp and do like this.
      There you can see the groups like Friends, Family etc. Click on the below shown option and type the name then add your friend.

  • majid

    hi .how can i use whattsapp on my cellphone and my tablet at the same time by one simcard and user account.

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Majid, you can’t put one SIM card at a time in two devices (your mobile and tablet), right? So, you can use same account in any of the device when you insert the SIM in respective device. With only one SIM, it is not possible. Hope you understand, thanks.

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    After installing bluestack,when i opened it,it shows that “downloading game data”” for more than 2 hours…is there any solution for my problem…..

    • Vamsi Krishna

      If you maintain the speedy Internet connection in your PC, then it’ll install with in 20 minutes, try like this.

  • Vikrant

    I installed whatsapp successfully, but its asking verification code/pin again and again. I already did 2 times. Once in phone and once on PC, with diff pin. For PC I got pin via SMS, but for Mobile I called customer care.
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  • prem

    thanks for this great tutorial..
    now i have installed whatsapp on my pc. with bluestack.

    • Srujan Kumar

      Wow! Woderful Pradeep Prem. With our tutorial you have got it into your PC. We are very happy now. Thanks for your valuable comment. It makes our day.

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    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi, just read the text in the image attached below.
      Bluestacks Problem

      • Dipika

        sir I have downloaded bluestacks but it shows downloading game data and this process takes lots of time I m waiting for 3 hours what to do next? and when it will complete and my internet connection is also not slow I am using 3g net

        • Vamsi Krishna

          Hi Dipika, surely it’ll install if you’ve good Internet Connection. As you’re saying that you’ve no problem with net, please try once again, thanks.

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    • Vamsi Krishna

      Hi Robert, I can imagine your issue. I’ve one doubt after reading your explanation. Are you trying to access WhatsApp Web? I’ll try to help you if you reply me, Cheers!

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