Free Download Dropbox For PC/Laptop On Windows 8.1/8/7

Dropbox is an app from Android developed for getting all videos, documents and photos anywhere. This is just like storing the precious data of yours. You won’t loose anything (data) if you save every file which you download around the web into the Dropbox. Any kind of file in Dropbox can be shared with your friends and relatives. Without any doubt this is gonna be the safe place to hold your information.

If you have this app on your PC/laptop, then it’ll be more easy to access and store the data whenever you want. That’s why in this peculiar tutorial I’m gonna show and present you how to download Dropbox for PC/Laptop on Windows 8.1/8/7. Follow the simple and confide steps in this tutorial to download Dropbox on PC/laptop.

Download Dropbox For PC/Laptop On Windows 8.1/8 Or Windows 7

You are downloading Dropbox for the first time and you want to use it for a long time, so be careful when downloading this app. Actually to download Dropbox, you are desperately needed to download a software. You may ask, What is the use of this software?

Answer for this question is to run the application of Android, it’s not an exe file, right? If it is an exe file, then you don’t need any other extra software. But here it’s an Android app, so you can’t do anything without external software.

Don’t concern about this software, it is free (to download) to everyone and as you wanted it has less file size. To maintain Dropbox app for a long period in your PC, you need to have a trustworthy software, so BlueStacks is the best one for that. Download that from the bold button below.

Download BlueStacks

After using the above link to download BlueStack, install it. If you come upon any errs at the time of installing BlueStacks, you can solve them y reading the guide to install BlueStack without errors. If you are perfect with this part, see how to install Dropbox on laptop/PC.

How To Install Dropbox For Windows 8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop

Now minimize all your working windows and look at the desktop, you can find an icon of BlueStacks. Run that and keep only that windows in front of you and move your focus to below procedure.

Follow the below steps to install Dropbox on Windows PC or laptop.

  • Run BlueStacks after that move onto search
download dropbox for windows pc
  • Type ‘dropbox’ and give a smooth tap on ‘Search play for dropbox
download dropbox for pc
  • You will be taken into Google apps, you’ll see many apps there but click on the first and wishing one
dropbox for laptop
  • Now tap on the install (appears in the right side) and wait for a moment to complete the install

Installing is completed, that means you have the Dropbox with you. But how to open Dropbox? To know that see the 2 rapid steps below.

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Use Dropbox On Windows PC/Laptop

  • Later installing Dropbox, move into all apps and you’ll surely get the app there and open it
dropbox free download

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Features Of Dropbox

  • Data can be stored and removed whenever you want
  • Store important files and videos in Dropbox
  • Share what ever you think from Dropbox with your allies
  • Save attachments of email also

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That’s the finish to our post on download Dropbox for PC/laptop on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7. I believe you’ve done this process well and if you wish to ask any doubts about this article, shootout the comment below. Share this article on Social Network with your allies.

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