Facebook Upgrades Search To Get Posts Easily What You Are Looking For

Facebook said on Monday that it’s flattening the capabilities of search options for mobile users as well as for the desktop users. Now people can find posts and articles very easily even from the graduation. Facebook already told that it is concentrating on upgrading the related search results as well as showing the posts from a long back ago. Here is the latest news about what the Facebook’s officials informed regarding this.

Facebook vice president Tom Stocky said, “You’ve informed us that the most crucial thing in this huge Social Network is being able to find out the posts which were seen in the past, so now you can get them easily”.

Facebook Upgrades Search Results

He also told, “With an exclusive and quick search option, you will feel very comfortable to ascertain the articles that you’re willing to get and the funny pictures of your friends”.

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“You can even get the fun videos and photos of your friend’s wedding. All these are newly and posted and also posted long time ago”. This makes any user to comfy for finding anything on Facebook.

This changes will be avail for the users of laptop or desktop and also Apple devices in present week. Facebook is running in few versions like mobile and PC. So, this week it would be for the PC and Apple platforms.

Facebook already promised that they will surely work on this and give their best. Users can plunge into huge amount of data available on the Social Media.

You can see the posts only which have privacy access to you like your messages of public and friends, otherwise you can’t get the access to them. There is no change in the privacy settings of users, as usual it depends on your interest that how you chose your privacy of your status posted.

This is all about the trending news about Facebook, hope you found it useful. Share this post with your friends and if you notice any new things, you can mention them in commenting section.

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