Download Best WiFi File Transfer/Sharing App For Android & iOS

Hello guys! Now we are coming with an article that makes you educate on file transferring or sharing for android/iOS devices. In this article I will be discussing about top and best file transfer apps for android and iOS. And also I will tell you the best app to transfer from android to iOS and vice-versa. Android user around the world are struggling a lot to transfer files without internet. But from the knowledge you gain from this post will make you to share files by using WiFi connection. It will just take seconds or minutes to share large memory files with these apps.

There is no need of extra knowledge to use these apps in your smartphone. Very good and easy user interface is the main simple key to use these apps. Here WiFi connection and wireless rules the world of transporting among smartphones. Now, let’s dig in for top and best list of apps for you…

Best WiFi File Transfer Apps For iOS & Android Mobiles

So, without any delay, I will take you to a tour where you see top transporting vehicles to use in your android phones. File Transferring speed will be between 2-5MBPS depending on app you are going to chose with my list. So have a look..

ShareIT For Android, iOS

I have been using this app in my device to transfer files with my friends mobiles. This is one of the fastest WiFi transferring system available in the android market. This app is available for both android as well as iOS users. Cross sharing is the best part with this app. Now use shareit for windows pc for free from your place.

Xender Sharing App

By using this app we can share photos, videos, contacts and even apk apps between android devices and between android and iOS devices. One of the main features of this app is “Phone replicate”. By using this feature you can simply transfer everything to a new phone including contacts, app, media files and more. Different versions for different company mobiles are also available in the Playstore.

Zapya File Transfer App

Zapya is one of the trendy cross-platform sharing app available for the users of both android and iOS. This app can share files more than 100 times faster than Bluetooth connection. No need of internet and mobile data to use this app in your smart device.

File Sharing Apps Only For Android – Free Download

Above, we have seen apps that is useful for both type of platforms. From now onwards you will see sharing apps only for android users. But you can use any app from this list to have wonderful results. Okay! let’s go on…

WiFi Shoot Android App

This app is only for android users. You can send and receive any type of file with any size. When you want to send a file to any other android mobile, it establishes a wireless communication and then shares files between two devices.

SuperBeam File Sharing App

This is also one of the best and easy way to transfer and share files between two android devices. If you want to use Superbeam for pc/Laptop follow the link. Above mentioned apps work only when other users also have that same app in their devices but this app has an advantage that we can send files to the user without SuperBeam app. Themes will be there for best interface.

That’s it for this time. I hope you found this article useful. Do not hesitate to share this wonderful article with your friends all over the world. Please tell us if we missed something very good in this post by leaving your comments. Let the other people know what kind of app currently you are using to share or transfer between android as well iOS. You can read our other posts to gain extra knowledge. Thank you!

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