Google Provides Device Assist App For Better Performance Of Smartphones

We all know that Google is relinquishing so many Android app for the Smartphones. These are so useful to everyone those who uses their mobile for various purposes. Apps really support us to do so many things. You no need to go anywhere, just have your Android in your hand and get access to anything like for example, banking and shopping etc.

Device Assist is also one of the apps which is recently released by Google. When all other apps makes you comfortable, this Device Assist application will make your Android to perform better for you by giving some tips and suggestions.

It suggests you the amend phone usage and fixes some issues with the device. Users those are new and don’t have technical knowledge about Android, this is gonna be a great guide for them.

Device Assist Features And Compatibility

Google Device Assist app troubleshoots your device and will give you advices according to the problems. Here is the list of attributes what this Device Assist has got with it.

  • You’ll surely come to know new things about your smartphone.
  • Helps you in battery, GPS and connectivity issues.
  • Acquire tips for knowing new characteristics and ameliorate the behavior of your mobile
  • Live Google support can be gained for the devices having edition like Google Play and Nexus.

This app is available for the US-based Nexus and edition of Google Play. It supports Android version 5.0 and Lollipop.

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That’s all about this Device Assist app and I’m sure you’ll feel this assistive. Really an awesome android application to have and if you know any new things about this, you can post them in the comments. Share this article with your friends and others for spreading the news about Device Assist, with that everybody will come to know this.

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