GTA Vice City V Game For PC/Laptop Release Date Has Been Announced

Hello GTA Vice City lovers, I know you all are completed the older versions of GTA and eagerly waiting for the upcoming version of GTA i.e., Grand Theft Auto V. This is not like an android game but it is ruling all the games in the world, really one of the most critical, strategic and funny games. Want to play this new version, GTA V for laptop/PC? Then, be patient for 4 months, you will get GTA in your laptop/PC.

GTA V Release Date For Laptop/PC

Yes, finally Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto V is going to arrive in the computers on January 27th 2015. Whereas it is coming into the PS4 (Play Station 4) and Xbox One on Nov 18, 2014.

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New sounds and music is introduced, to do that they have collected around 100 songs and mixes across the 17 radio stations of the game. Another interesting fact is that, those who pre-order this GTA Vice City they will get $1,000,000 in the game.

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Rumors came that GTA V will arrive in March 2015, but now they have confirmed the release date. Graphics is mind blowing, you can’t believe your eyes and this game is almost like a film. This one is designed for the game lovers and let’s have a look at awe-inspiring attributes of GTA V.

Improved Features Of GTA V

There are so many to specify in this new version of GTA V, take a look at some of the astonishing improvements they have made to this new one.

  • Huge Graphics development
  • Improvement in some technical issues
  • Highness in Resolution
  • Distances are drawn longer
  • Weapons are new and upgraded
  • New vehicles and tasks
  • Wildlife has included more
  • Heavy traffic
  • Climate and weather development
  • Intensified Damage

In the online play GTA V supports maximum of 30 players in the version of next-gen, while all the present features from the original version will avail from launch of this game. So many things are there to know about this, to go through all those things you have to wait for some time. Play more and know more.

That’s all we got the information about this guys, stay tuned to our magazine to know more details about this. We can’t imagine this as an app in Smartphones, it has to be played in computers. Ger ready for the GTA V for laptop/PC. Sure, you don’t turn around and come aside while playing this on your laptop. Definitely this will be the best version ever released by GTA. Cheers!

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