How To Improve Laptop Battery Life In Windows

Improving laptop battery life is the first thing comes to our mind when we have a laptop. Even after the power is gone, you can manage to increase the battery life of PC. No need to buy any other external battery, this is just a few clicks away on your Windows laptop. Just see the procedure in this tutorial to step-up your Windows PC battery lifespan.

When the power is went off and if you need to work with the laptop desperately by having less charging of battery, you can follow this method. It gives you at least 20-30 more minutes to work on your PC. This method may be useful to you to work more time than the usual.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life On Windows

This phenomena works very well on any Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Just open your laptop and do what I say. (Showbox Apk on Android)

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  • Go to Start menu in your Windows and search for Performance Information and Tools.
  • If you open that window, you’ll see something like this. At the left side of window you’ll notice an option Adjust Visual Effects.
increase laptop battery life
  • Tap on that option and the performance options will appear. Those are the power saving and consuming options.
  • In those four choices, select the third one, that is Adjust For Best Performance and click OK.
improve pc battery lifespan
  • This will disable all the Windows controls and some styles. It also unchecks the extra options that are enabled in Windows, that’s it.
  • When the power comes or if you wish to switch to the normal display, disable this option once again and all the settings will come as it is.

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Actually the default option will be the first one which let’s your Windows to chose the actions to perform. Other two will consume more power to run the PC. Select the one what I’ve said to use the laptop for extra time.

This is what I want to share in this tutorial about saving laptop battery span. Hope this assisted you and your suggestions and queries can be dispatched in the comments.

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