Laptop Buying Guide – Best Tips & Mistakes You Must Avoid

In this modern era, laptops usage have been increasing very rapidly. You need to be careful when you buy a laptop. Here is the definitive guide, tells 15 things to need to know before you buy a laptop. Before buying a laptop, there are some simple but must consider things everyone should consider to buy a good and worthy laptop in the market.

laptop buying guide

Before you are going to buy a laptop, you should know the requirements within your budget and all the stuff related to buy a new laptop.

Laptop Buying Guide – Must Know Specifications

Here in this article we will explain each and every aspect to be considered before you buy  a new laptop. We gathered all these information from business experts, real time laptop users and people who are familiar with a laptop. Feel free to know everything before you go to buy a new one. Let’s dig in…

Consider Your Budget:

In this guide, the first thing is that, how much money you can spare to buy a laptop. You have to be careful about this in order to purchase a laptop. Read the complete information I’ve provided here and Chose the specifications and requirements within your budget.


buy laptop screen tipsThese days, most of the laptops are coming with 15.6-inch display. Laptops having display size less than 15.6-inch are also available in the market but they may or may not meet all your laptop requirements. That’s why keep one of your eyes on selecting your own display size for your laptop.

Touch Screen:

If you want to have a touch screen, you need to put more bucks and the power consumption will be more. Touch screen machines consume more power than the non-touch systems. But if you are ready to spend more money than go for touch screen. I can assure you that the touch screen would definitely bring some sort of happiness while using the Lappiee.

Touchpad And Keyboard:

how to buy new laptopWhen you buy a laptop, check all the keyboard keys once. See whether you are able to type them comfortably. For example, if you are buying 15.6-inch laptop, the keyboard can be of two types. One is not having extra keys and another one is with extra keys. It is not compulsory that everybody would use extra keys; somebody might not like using the extra keys. So, select which keyboard suits for your fingers.


The brand of a laptop also plays a crucial role when you buy a laptop. Brand means Trust. Experts say “Brand” is a must consider thing while we are going to shop. Everybody has their own opinion on a particular brand. But before you select a brand, you need to have a service center of that particular laptop brand in your city or near by.

buy best laptop brands

Laptop Buying Guide – Technical Specification You Must Consider

We were actually thinking on general technical specifications that we need to provide for our precious readers every time. And we made a great list for you.

Choose More Battery Life:

You should have at least 4 hours of battery backup in order to work with it even there is no availability of power. You can check in the user manual or you can see the review of the piece on different websites.

Hard Drive:

If you are working in any photo studio or net cafe or dealing with many files, you need to have at least 1TB hard drive. Basically 500GB hard drive will be adequate or just enough for a person who uses the laptop just for studying or entertainment purpose. When there is a requirement of storing more files in your laptop, then go for 1TB. More bucks you pay, more disk size you get.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

RAM is the important aspect to note when purchasing a laptop. Naturally, it’s memory size depends on number of different applications you use on your laptop at a time. The more applications you use, more the RAM you need to have. There are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB RAMs and other RAMs are available but they are used in the high level systems.

Requirements To RAM Memory To Buy New Laptop For Beginners

As I was mentioned earlier RAM is for fastness and multitasking. So, I thought everyone who reads this article should have an idea about RAM and it’s capability by various Memories.

2GB RAM :- It is the basic requirements now-a-days. You can use it for daily usage like student educational purpose, office work and internet using work. It cannot support high graphical games and adobe software’s with high performance.

4GB RAM :- It can be good for gamers as well as for daily using. Try to consider this RAM as basic level to buy because it will help throughout your future for any kind of use. Make sure it fits in your budget.

8GB RAM :- Everything is going to play in your laptop. Highly recommended if you have more bucks to spare. Best suitable for game lovers.


Intel core i3, i5, i7 processors are there and according to the generation and speed of processor, choose the one among them. You have to be clear, which type of processor you need in your laptop. If you are buying a new laptop for gaming purpose, you need chose laptop with high configuration of processor.

Different Processors Specifications You Must Know

There are different kind of cores you must think about. Basic level now-a-days is “Dual core” processor. But it is good you can go for “Triple core” or “quad core” to use it for gaming purpose.

Intel i3 Processor :-

This is the basic processor coming now-a-days. This suits for general purpose like daily simple usage but not for high graphical games. But dual core is the important part. Usages like creating pdfs, writing content, using simple software’s for your educational or personal work.

Intel i5 Processor :-

This can suit you to make your dream comes true. System with full of fast and quick can be achieved by this i5 Processor. Dual and quad cores are available. You can chose 2nd or 3rd generation laptops for your use. Graphic card can be Intel Company, AMD or Nvidia. We highly recommend Nvidia for you as we have found it works great.

Intel i7 Processor :-

It is the most exciting Processor from Intel. Highly recommended if you have the budget to spare on this. Intel i7 works more faster and quicker than other processors.


If you want to have high desktop graphics performance and high gaming graphics in your laptop, then go for 1GB, 2GB graphics. Laptop having less than 1GB graphics means, you cannot play games having high graphics like Crysis and Hitman. Nvidia is recommended.

Operating System:

After choosing the laptop, there is a process called “Booting Operating System”. Select a proper operating system and ask them for boot that OS In your newly bought laptop. Windows or Linux select anyone with your requirements. Some of the applications/software’s work only in windows 7 but not in windows 8/8.1. If you are a student then your core software’s must be compatible with your OS.


Make sure that you have all the drivers of a particular brand laptop are with you or the shop where you want buy laptop. There are so many drivers are required to use your laptop properly. If you don’t have particular type of driver then that work must be done by processor and that leads to heat sink problem.

Things You Need To Take Care After Buying Your Laptop With Our Guide:

  • Collect your accessories like best antivirus CD and check your operating system is working properly or not, if they installed it in their shop.
  • Ask them for a drivers CD.
  • You can buy a screen guard and a key guard to use your system/laptop smoothly.
  • You can buy a Pen drive and a modem for other kind of uses.
  • Laptop stand and heat reduction fan are also must considerable things to be healthy while using your laptop.

These are the basic things you have to see when you buy a laptop. You may not meet your exact requirements, but try to optimize everything and buy the best in the market. I hope you found this article very helpful and informative. All the Best for your new laptop! Feel free to ask us if you have any doubts regarding to this topic. We are happy to help you. Thank you!

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