set up wifi ad hoc network in windows 7

In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to set up Wireless ad hoc network in Windows 7 ultimate and Windows 7 basic home and other versions. In Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 also you can find this Wireless option where as they were somewhat different from Windows 7 Operating System. So, if you wanna [...]


Hello guys! Now we are coming with an article that makes you educate on file transferring or sharing for android/iOS devices. In this article I will be discussing about top and best file transfer apps for android and iOS. And also I will tell you the best app to transfer from android to iOS and [...]

Hotstar app is the best entertainment application for watching the latest released movies, Live Sports (cricket and etc) and Television shows on your Android. Hotstar apk is the best way to install hotstar on your Smartphone. Users are facing few installation problems if they try to install it from the Official Google Play Store. That’s [...]

whatsapp web version for mac pc

Wow! Guys, in this article I’ve got really exciting news for all of you. Now you can officially use your Whatsapp Web version messenger on your Mac/Windows Computer, Laptop, Tablet and from any device simultaneously. Whatsapp messenger was only available for android users at the starting times. Of course, now people are utilizing WhatsApp for [...]

bypass logon screen in windows 8.1

You can bypass Logon screen in your Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and also on Windows 7 and other Operating Systems. When you immediately want to open and operate your laptop, the logon window may irritate you to enter the password. So if you feel not to see such annoying thing while entering into PC, just [...]

increase laptop battery life

Improving laptop battery life is the first thing comes to our mind when we have a laptop. Even after the power is gone, you can manage to increase the battery life of PC. No need to buy any other external battery, this is just a few clicks away on your Windows laptop. Just see the [...]

best video converter softwares for windows

Video converters are the most important softwares to have in any of your device. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re using in your hand, but it is so necessary to have best video converter. It makes lot easier to you to convert any kind of media files like FLV, MP4, MP3, AVI etc. Any format [...]

google chrome tips

Make yourself experienced and expertized with the far famed browser Google Chrome by utilizing the most utile tips and tricks in this guide. I’ll present the collection of tricks here about the Google Chrome history, extensions, keyboard shortcuts and etc. You may have come across few of them but other stuff may be unknown. This [...]

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro

Gaming laptops are mostly about their power capability and the speed of performing the things more speedily. But the technology is not gonna stop here, as the major tech performer, Intel is going to introduce the RealSense 3D camera, Leap Motion and some other technologies in the laptops. So, gamers are gonna get more effects [...]

device assist

We all know that Google is relinquishing so many Android app for the Smartphones. These are so useful to everyone those who uses their mobile for various purposes. Apps really support us to do so many things. You no need to go anywhere, just have your Android in your hand and get access to anything [...]

Have you ever get a thought like this? Making a wristband as a Smartphone and accessing everything by twisting your wrist? This has been developed now, whenever you twist your hand you’ll see a Smartphone in your miniature wristband. This is named as Cicret bracelet. If you don’t believe this, you must know the news [...]

facebook improves search

Facebook said on Monday that it’s flattening the capabilities of search options for mobile users as well as for the desktop users. Now people can find posts and articles very easily even from the graduation. Facebook already told that it is concentrating on upgrading the related search results as well as showing the posts from [...]

best top free android apps

Hello, Welcome to my post which lets you know the best and top Android apps of the 2014 year. Google Play Store has provided some excellent apps for the Smartphone users, firstly thanks for that. Of course, nowadays Android applications can also be used on PCs using some Android emulators. Recently Google has announced some [...]

best android emulator for pc

We have been using different android apps for various important purposes since Google got revolutionary thought on mobile gadgets. There are billions of people who are busy with their android mobiles now-a-days. Smartphones became one of the must have thing in our daily life. Everybody using these devices for different purposes. This kind of invention [...]

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