QuickTime Download For Mac & iPad/iPhone

Hi guys, are you looking to download the great application QuickTime for Mac or iPad & iPhone? Then stop your search here. In this post, I’m gonna show you how to download QuickTime for iPad/iPhone and Mac PC. So follow the easy and well-arranged steps in this tutorial to download and install QuickTime for Mac and iPhone or iPad.

QuickTime is a peculiar and classic media player developed by the top manufacturer, Apple. Any media file can be played in this Multimedia player. It’s a user-friendly player to control and easily understand the options. This application is currently available for major Operating Systems like Mac and Windows. Yes, you can also download QuickTime for Windows, but in this post, I’m showing the download of QuickTime for Mac and both Apple devices, iPad and iPhone. Let’s see how to free download QuickTime for Mac and QuickTime for iPad/iPhone

Download QuickTime For Mac PC & iPad Or iPhone

Since I’m going to explain this process for Mac and iPad or iPhone, I want to make you clear in everything. That’s why I’m prepared to show these two processes one by one. Those who want to have this application for the other two devices, iPad and iPhone, can see the below-mentioned procedure. Firstly starting with the phenomena of downloading QuickTime for Mac PC…

QuickTime For Mac

You can download this amazing application very easily without wasting any time on that. Carefully follow the 3 steps which I’m going to mention here.

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  • First, download the QuickTime Player: As I said, here is the direct link for downloading this astound app for your Mac. Just click on the below button.

Download QuickTime For Mac

  • Now on that official site, click on “Download.”
quicktime for mac
  • You will get a file with the extension .dmg. The file name shows SnowLeopard, but it works for all OS X versions above 10.6.3.
  • Give a double click on the file which is downloaded to install this software on your PC.
  • Later downloading and installing the QuickTime, open that application to use it.

This is about the download of QuickTime for Mac. From now onwards, you can relish using this astonishing application. Post your comments if you want to give any advice and to mention any queries.

QuickTime For iPad

iPad is the emerging Apple product in the market nowadays. Please note that there is no software to run QuickTime on iPad, but there are some awesome alternatives to this media player. You can import your QuickTime player data into those players and enjoy the fun. Also, you can check AV HD, which is a great player to run multimedia files.

QuickTime For iPhone

quicktime for ipad

QuickTime files can be played on your iPhone. It’s all about working for a few minutes on your iPhone as well as your computer. Actually, the Quicktime player won’t run, but the files can be executed. There is a QuickTime plugin created for playing the files of QuickTime on your iPhone. Make sure you do the steps I’m going to mention below.

How to use QuickTime on iPhone

  • Step 1: From your PC, get into your personal mail and send a message to your iPhone, which contains the attachment of a QuickTime file.
  • Step 2: Now come back to your iPhone and log in here with that account and download that file into iPhone. The icon of the file will usually be with the icon of QuickTime.
  • Step 3: Once you click on that file, it’ll open automatically, and it plays there. Note that you can not save that file into your iPhone. It’s just to listen whenever you’re free.

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That’s all for now, guys. I hope you found this post helpful to get QuickTime on Mac and iPad/iPhone. Don’t forget to leave your comments below if you have any problems, and kindly share this post.

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