Recover Deleted Files From SD Card & Pen Drive

In this modern era, usage of electronic gadgets is increasing rapidly due to the enormous demand and cost for that equipment. People who are using electronic storage devices will get problems while using them.

Recover Deleted Files usb

Accidentally deleting files (like pictures, media files, etc.) from SD card. For example, when you transfer data from one device to another device, you might lose data after data transfer failure.

Here I will show you how to recover deleted files from SD cards using the best free data recovery software. Usually, SD Cards are compact devices used to store data like photos and videos, images, and other files.

Recover Deleted Files From SD Card & Pen Drive

SD cards because these are specially designed for modern devices. However, a secure data card can also be used for different purposes, such as back up and move data from one device to another device.

So, those who are fighting to get back deleted data, no need to worry!!! First, let’s see how we are going to restore deleted files from the Micro SD card.

I’m just telling you the one scenario which was happened to me. There are few other ways you can delete your data that are an improper plugin of SD card into the system and the removal of SD card from the system.

Using one SD card for so many devices and accidental formatting, plugin, or connecting SD card into insecure devices.

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Don’t be upset when you lost data from any device. Here you can find all data recovery solutions to bring your deleted files back. I suggest you follow steps to restore deleted data from the SD card for this problem.

Free SD Card Recovery Software

Here we are using Remo recovery software to retrieve data from SD card after improper transformation of data. Windows experts specially design this software to restore deleted data from any device.

This recovery tool is free SDcard recovery software. Using this, you can recover data from a hard disk and everything. You can download and install this awesome Remo data retrieving software by clicking a given link.

recover deleted files from sd cardDownload Remo Recovery Software

After downloading or installing Remo recovery software from the above-mentioned link, if you face any error while downloading or installing, leave your comment below.

Travel along with the below included steps to retrieve permanently deleted data from the SD card. I’m arranging images for every step below to understand easily for viewers.

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  • After installing Remo recovers software, you will see a quick launch file Remo software on your desktop, double click on the shortcut file, and then see the main menu of Remo recovery.
  • You could see three options on the main screen: Recover Files, Recover Photos and Recover Drive. See the below image for more details.
free sd card recovery software
  • To get lost data from the SD card, click on the Recover Photos option of the above window.
  • You will two options in that you need to select Recover Lost Photos to bring back lost data.
  • After a few seconds, Remo recovery software detects many drives, but you need to choose an SD card from among all and click on the Next button.
  • Remo software starts the process of scanning the SD card. After completing scanning, you will see a window like below, and you can choose what type of file view you want. If you’re willing to select a particular type of file, you can choose; otherwise, click on the skip button.
micro sd card data recovery restore data from sd card
  • You can preview the retrievable data using the Preview option.
  • After doing the above steps, the software shows you a pop-up window to save the retrieved session. For that, you need to click on yes.
  • Finally, you need to select the proper location to store retrievable files. Again, it’s your wish to select any of the drives to store lost data.

Guys come along with the above-mentioned easy and free steps to permanently delete data from SD card even after the failure of data transformation.

You can check out solutions for all permanently deleted files from pen drive, hard disk and recycle bin, and Android apps.

There are many Sdcards available in the market, like micro SD cards, 16GB SD cards, 32GB SD cards, 64GB SD cards, and SD memory cards. So this procedure works for all these devices.

If you have any difficulty while downloading Remo recovery software or recovering data from an SD card, feel free to contact or shoot out your words below.

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