Tips And Tricks To Operate Google Chrome Browser Professionally

Make yourself experienced and expertized with the far famed browser Google Chrome by utilizing the most utile tips and tricks in this guide. I’ll present the collection of tricks here about the Google Chrome history, extensions, keyboard shortcuts and etc. You may have come across few of them but other stuff may be unknown.

This listing includes how you’re gonna clear your browsing history and assigning shortcuts of keyboard to the browser functionalities. Saving any important web pages in the form of PDF and more about fixing the much needed pages as bookmarks in the exclusive toolbar.

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts

This browser supports so many shortcuts and there is possibility of changing them manually. Go to “Extensions” and at the bottom you’ll see “Keyboard Shortcuts”. Click on that option and assign any shortcut.

Get PDF Out Of A Web Page

If you want to print any article or web page, perform “Ctrl+P” operation and you’ll see the window for saving PDF. This needs no extension to be installed in your browser.

Selectively Delete The Browser History

In the menu options you can notice “History”, just enter in to that. Delete history of your browser by selecting what you want to remove.

Turn A Tab Into Notes

You can open any new tab in the chrome browser and copy the code (data:text/html,<html contenteditable>) and paste it in the location bar. You’ll see a blank page, in that you can type anything.

Chrome Turns Into Media Player

You can use the browser as a Media player by dragging any media files like images, videos, audio and other files. It doesn’t need any application to be pre-installed.

Add More Bookmarks In Your Toolbar

Fit more number of bookmarks in the bookmarking toolbar. If you fix them with the name, it’ll take more space to fit. So what you can do is, just go to “Properties” and put nothing in the name. It shows only favicon of the website that you’ve bookmarked. It saves the space in the toolbar.

Instantly Access Google Cache

If you need to load any page very quickly which you’ve already visited, there is an easy option for you. Just type “cache:” in front of the URL and hit enter. You;ll be taken to the cache version of that page.

These are the few useful tips about Google Chrome operations. If you know any other things, please do post them in the commenting section. Kindly share this article with your mates, if you feel this is helpful.

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