Best & Top Free Android Apps Must Have In Your Smartphones

Hello, Welcome to my post which lets you know the best and top Android apps of the 2014 year. Google Play Store has provided some excellent apps for the Smartphone users, firstly thanks for that. Of course, nowadays Android applications can also be used on PCs using some Android emulators.

Recently Google has announced some of the Android apps as remarkable and most enjoyable. As far as we are concerned, we must know these things to make your Smartphone better. This will increase your mobile performance and also its working nature. Check whether you have the apps or not, which I’m going to say here. So move further to acknowledge more knowledge about these applications.

Best Free Apps For Android – List Of Top Android Apps

Here comes the listing which includes the most installed and also far-famed applications in the world. Some of these are paid and some are free ones.

BBC Weather

Even though BBC has introduced this weather app lately, it has created a mind blowing experience. Its attractive widgets, forecasts and the location identifying features and you can know what is happening in the other places.


It is designed for booking the tickets from anywhere to travel in jets or flights. This makes your life better with its instant and stress reducing booking phenomena. You no need to take papers and do all the stuff for getting your tickets booked. Just use this Easyjet app, make the payment and everything in it and enjoy your journey. But remember you just need battery in your Smartphone to do all this stuff.

Barclays Mobile Banking

Barclays displays all your accounts at a time and you can select any one of them. Firstly there were apps related to banking, but they were not that good to provide a good user interaction. Barclays made it so easy to the people those who use their accounts of banking.


Cinema Box HD App allows you to watch free movies on your Andorid Phone. Cinema Box App is free to download.


Kabbee is for saving money on your ferries. It makes sense in this way, whenever you need late night ferry it must be safe and cheap. In order to do that, Kabbee provides you the nearest operators and you can any one. This increases the competition among the operators and in turn saves your money.


Dropbox is very much useful to the people those who continuously deal with PC/laptop and their Smartphone or tablet. It stores any of your data like documents, pictures etc. You can access them from anywhere and also can upload files from any place. Instantly you can have them with you if you maintain Dropbox.


With eBay, you can buy and sell any stuff. Browse for what you want, check out them and do remaining stuff. All you need is a Paypal account for sign-in purpose. If you have this, then no worries you can buy or sell whatever you wish.


WhatsApp is for the chit-chatting purpose. This has been installed in so many Android mobiles. This is the most trending one in the category of communication apps. Sharing is also possible with this like your pictures, selfies and also important files. Overall it’s an essential app to have in your Smartphone.

These are the best android apps what I’ve got for you. If you want to mention any app which makes you feel useful, you can enter them in comment and post it. This will make our content better and users will also experience some more applications.

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