WhatsApp Free Voice Call Feature Is Introduced & Spreading World Wide Slowly

WhatsApp free voice call feature is the most exciting attribute for the users of this app. WhatsApp is now coming up with this voice calling aspects which has made the people go crazy about it. People, who are absolute lovers of WhatsApp, they will enjoy this unique feature. Let’s see what is the news behind this one.

This news is known by an Android user who is currently utilizing present WhatsApp version in his mobile. So, he took the photos of that feature and spreads it to people by sharing in his Reddit account. It runs on a basis called invite-only, in the sense those people who want to connect with the voice call, they must have the updated WhatsApp version, then only it works.

WhatsApp Free Voice Call Feature Is Introduced

WhatsApp contacts will look like your phone contacts in terms of the way it displays the contacts. As you know, there are Contacts & Chats navigation at the top. Now with this feature, one other tab has been added that is Calls. You now need to find it difficult, it’ll be just a click away.

During the call, you can do some operations like Mute, loud-speaker and at the time of call, you can send messages. It shows the listing of your contacts whenever you proceed to make a call.

Of course, WhatsApp is an Android application but you can still use in on PC by using an emulator of Android. Now its Web version has been relinquished recently. You can use WhatsApp web version on PC using Chrome browser.

It will be good to see this free voice call on WhatsApp. This is what we have got about this hot topic considering free voice calls.Other chatting apps also there, but they don’t have this specific property. WeChat is also most famed app, if you want, you can download WeChat for laptop. You may used this far-famed app in your Smartphones.

But now this new feature (Free voice call) is coming. So, its better to have WhatsApp in your PC. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp here. If you want to download WhatsApp for Windows 8.1 laptop, you can download it here.

So, let’s hope for this free voice call making feature. As we all know, WhatsApp has own by Facebook and they said that their traffic has increased 13-15% after they introduce this WhatsApp. Now the total users of WhatsApp all over the world has crossed 700 million and still counting, the largest usage of this WhatsApp is in India.

That’s the latest update about WhatsApp guys. Stay connected with us to know more details regarding this. We will keep you updated. Enjoy chit-chat with your WhatsApp and live a happily with your friends. If you have any questions to ask, you can ask us. Don’t forget to share this article on Google+, Facebook, Twitter.

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    I would like to have voice call facility in my windows phone 8.1