WhatsApp Web Version For PC : Use WhatsApp on Browser

Wow! Guys, in this article I’ve got really exciting news for all of you. Now you can officially use your Whatsapp Web version messenger on your Mac/Windows Computer, Laptop, Tablet and from any device simultaneously. Whatsapp messenger was only available for android users at the starting times. Of course, now people are utilizing WhatsApp for PCs with an Android emulator and it’s still an easy method to install it.

whatsapp web version on pc

But now the engineers and developers of Whatsapp took this messenger to next level formally. That is, they have developed a new feature that makes us to use this wonderful app on your web browser which is well know for all of us that is Google Chrome. This makes the chatting better for you, it allows you to type fastly. You are a free bird to utilize this in Mac as well as other platforms. Doesn’t required to download any other software to fetch Web version of WhatsApp. So, let’s fall upon this simple procedure… Go ahead for whatsapp web

WhatsApp Messenger Web Version on Browser – General Requirements

There are some tiny necessities that you need to satisfy in order to get this version on your Chrome Browser. The listing has been made here, just take a look at them.

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  • Foremost, your Smartphone must have WhatsApp installed in it. Not only Smartphone, the platform which you’re using like iOS, Windows Phone, Android or Blackberry mobiles.
  • Next prerequisite is, device should be supporting the scanning of QR Code. You can’t proceed further, without this feature.
  • Last but not gonna be the least, you’ll desperately needed to have Google Chrome in your Apple products like Mac, iPad and iPhone or in Windows computer.
  • In case if you don’t have it right now, you can get Google Chrome here.

These are the important things you must check before heading towards the main part, so let’s make a move.

How To Use WhatsApp Web Version On Mac or Windows PC

Later clearing above part, now go to >> official page of https://web.whatsapp.com here. It loads for some time, if you’ve speedy Internet connectivity, you can get into it quickly. Otherwise, hold back for a while.

You’ll notice a QR code in there something like as I shown in the beneath image.

web whatsapp page

Now, run WhatsApp in your Smartphone and move onto the Options and chose WhatsApp Web. A scanner appears to you, just place it in front of that code and it’ll perform the remaining stuff.

scan code of whatsapp

That’s it. This shows all your conversation in the middle of the window and all contacts in the left side. This will exactly look like your usual chatting window. There is no lost of data in your mobile. You can also use that messenger in your smartphone at the same time.

I’m sure you’ll use WhatsApp Web Browser Version with these steps. Don’t forget to share this tutorial in your circles as well with friends to make them know regarding this. Discuss your thoughts and queries on this topic in the comments.

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